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  1. Hope they hit the post 3 times cause we're gonna need them.
  2. The Golden Knights' helmets make me want to barf.
  3. And somewhere the sleaze ball Wilson is laughing.
  4. As I have mentioned before, JK should have spent at least a year in Laval.
  5. I don't have an issue either but I dislike when at the end of the season they disclose injuries or whether a player will be having surgery. It sounds like they're making excuses for a poor season.
  6. Yeah. Too bad someone we know hasn't publicly commented about head shots against his players or a 2 handed slash across the back of the legs of JK.
  7. And we all know who the one person is to blame. But hey, the NHL loves the violence which is why Parros is in that position.
  8. The Habs should take down the Torch quote in the dressing room and in its place put: We can whip cream but we can't beat crap.
  9. Who was the only Canadien to score an overtime goal while Habs1952 was on the toilet?
  10. Sure do. Had a front row seat on my couch.
  11. Price's game is deteriorating and he seems to be missing a lot of games as the seasons go on. I don't think a GM wants to pay $10 million for that. The smart choice would be tp protect Allen if possible.
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