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  1. They haven't forgotten the Aho offer sheet.
  2. Reporting indicates the Kraken will pick Fleury.
  3. From Sportsnet: Price is owed an $11-million signing bonus on September of 2021, and he’ll make a minimum of $5.5 million up front for every remaining season under contract. His actual salary will be $13 million for next season and it will never dip below $7.5 million at any point. And though he has lifted his no-movement clause for the expansion draft, he will retain it if claimed by the Kraken (meaning they cannot claim him and then flip him to another team without his consent). If all that — on top of what Price is making on the cap — isn’t a concern to Francis, he isn’t doing his job properly. But even Bergevin has to know that some of that concern can be mitigated by several factors. Start with this one: Of the 30 players the Kraken will choose, none of them will come with the pedigree or notoriety of Price, a former Hart-, Vezina- and Ted Lindsay-Award winner who also has an Olympic gold medal on his mantle. There will be some great players available to the franchise, but none who can serve as adequately as the face of it. Price’s wife, Angela, is from Washington State, and the family spent its last off-season there. And Price, born in Anahim Lake, B.C., would certainly help convert more than a few Vancouverites into Kraken fans, expanding the team’s reach and its merchandise sales. So, for Francis, this won’t be as much about the remaining $44.25 million Price is owed on his eight-year, $84-million contract as it will the 13 per cent of Seattle’s annual cap that will be devoured over each of the next four seasons. And yeah, it’s going to count for a significant chunk in that final year, too, even if the cap rises.
  4. TSN reporting Price will see a doctor about surgery on his knee along with having a hip looked at.
  5. He's not leaving. He's watching the water when he gets in his bathtub.
  6. <sigh> Everything about the NHL is going to hell.
  7. Heck, I'm still waiting for an answer. Couldn't even load the forum webpage today without getting an error message. My patience is wearing thin.
  8. Bergevin is gonna have a lot of options!
  9. Staal's wife should tell him he's starting to embarrass her in front of her friends.
  10. LOL, you're lucky. I've had it happen 10 times in a row. Logged in OK but every time I clicked on a thread I got the error message.
  11. Funny how other teams have been able to trade injured players on LTIR to gain cap space but when the Habs have an issue with Weber on LTIR, now they, the league, has a problem.
  12. From TSN: Weber is one of the last active players in the league playing on a deal that would include a cap recapture penalty from the front-loaded 14-year, $110 million contract he signed with the Nashville Predators in 2012. He is due just $12 million in actual salary over the next five seasons. If Weber were to retire, as opposed to landing on long-term injured reserve, the Predators would face a cap charge in each of the next five seasons, starting with a $4.9 million charge in the upcoming season and building to a charge of $24.57 million in 2025-26, the final year of Weber's deal.
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