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  1. archey

    Your Rant.

    How is it I become a Buffalo Bills fan one day and they threaten to move to Texas the next? LOL
  2. Then again when the coach is spieling about destiny and one doesn't know if he eats squid or octopus in any quantity to make a difference which I can tell you I definitely do NOT since zero is not a sum, I can see the risk of kids having nightmares all across Canada if such a thing as destiny is a reality which like I said DD has gone and made anyhow. I'm on Fluery's side, I wouldn't want to play for Chicago either. Kraken..What the...Why would the league even permit such a name?? Serious
  3. Carey gets on his horse that's a bartender right there. I don't get what all the fuss is about.
  4. I'm more interested in Cyprus and Bulgaria at the moment for reasons I won't expound at the moment. Just to say we still have Drouin and the pick will be less controversial if it helps Him which it might. I'm looking up Tony DeAngelo right now BTW.
  5. I think they take a fern before him but who knows
  6. I guess it's up to him but he is a kind of rolling 5 minute major without taking the penalty. This is bad news in my mind.
  7. About 30 years ago Trump placed an ad in 4 New York papers calling for the Central Park 5 to be executed. The papers which includes the New York Times are just as guilty for not apologizing for that ad.. unless going around saying the innocent ought to be killed is a good idea which I don't think it is by ANY measure.
  8. archey

    Cooking tips

    Out of this world
  9. archey

    Cooking tips

    They invented cabarets for a reason. That is the food one should eat every day. What is it again? I have NO idea.
  10. Duke is accepting bones from ...ok go ahead and post.. no really
  11. I give it about 40 years before we forget that our division rival robbed the world of good hockey a couple days worth anyhow. I won't be around. I guess that what makes it a forum. To my mind anyhow.
  12. Suzuki lol is just and he's only going to get better
  13. archey

    Your Rant.

    Yeah me too. When all you need is a vision and a plan..lol
  14. I live down from a PhD stay at home father whose thesis was on some MS cell function and the letter carrier who has MS told me on the way to ride my horse that she didn't take her medication this Sunday last so I'm going with take your meds guys and hoping its understood what I mean. I have no desire to insult anyone including.
  17. I saw that horse sense...Yeah the coaches saw it too
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