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  1. Gee the no plan part he just described MB to a tee LOL
  2. Yeah lets over pay because he's bilingual and played on the bottom pairing of a stacked defense core. Sounds exactly what MB will do
  3. I would agree with this entirely. Got a feeling MB is about to pull off an Alzner 2.0
  4. Personally I have no issue with the Hyman deal. he is exactly what the Oil need. And being on a wing with McDavid he could very will put up insane numbers.
  5. Good, want no part of Hamilton in MTL, still say there are reasons he has been on so many teams at such a young age.
  6. If we are going to piss off another GM with an offer sheet I wouldn't waste it on Timmons it would be put directly on Petterson. While I get we need the D man, Petterson is and can be a game changer. The team lacks offense more than anything
  7. So with VAN signing Garland to that ridiculous contract and their tight cap situation now would be the perfect time to slip an offer sheet to Petterson, say 7 mil should about do it. Doubt Van could match it
  8. Wow Fluery is talking retirement over going to Chicago, let the shit show begin
  9. 5.5 - 6m for Dano is way over priced, he is a star in his own head. Can't score if his life depended on it, all this talk of him shutting town oppsoing teams top players went to his head. This was the result of the lines work not just his. Keep hearing LA is interested, well they can have him, with the salary he wants compared to what he brings to the table he will be on next years buyout list
  10. The buyout was also a result of this lack of production. I still think everyone deserves a second chance, this doesn't mean I like the pick however. There were soo many more talented players available
  11. Man the goalie market this year is off the charts, some good goalies will be left on outside looking in. Not sure the Loafs have anything of value left to trade for Kuemper. Their farm system sucks and they don;t have many draft picks to move next year. But then again Arizona isn't know for the smart moves
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