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  1. 10 medals, all women... hrm. Did we send any guys to the games?
  2. HIs mother would beg to differ!
  3. This is one of those rare cases where on the open market a player woudlnt get as much. I assume that most teams wouldnt go over $3m for him. With regards to Perry, remember he got bought out, so he's still getting paid $2m by the ducks for the net two years. I suspect he'd like something more like $1.5-2m but i think where he signs is more important to him than for how much tbh.
  4. Yup. They've been asking for essentially 4 first rounders (picks or players who were picked there). JK was 3rd overall. Drouin was 3rd overall (albeit he's older but still fairly young). + the first. I dont think they are getting 4 but they may get 3 so that could do it. Alternately if they didnt want Drouin you could do JK + Guhle + 1st + Byron (for some salary relief)
  5. I thought he switched between LW and C in Laval this year? Either way, I do actually think his game may be better suited to LW to be honest. I guess we'll see. Poehling-Evans-Lehks could be a great shut down line.
  6. In fairness, I dont think it went over their heads. I think they were fully aware it was going to be a controversial choice. I think they felt like saying things like "were going to help make him a better person" would do the trick but didnt realize just how loud the public outcry was going to be. The idea of not inviting him to camp etc is a good start but it should have been done immediately upon drafting him (I mean they shoudlnt have drafted him to begin with but...) All this stuff, like setting up a program etc feels like an afterthought and, while its all good stuff, it doesnt look like great PR. Ive seen a few of these polls on twitter & similar. The problem is that there's no real grey area. I dislike the choice because i think it went against what should have been done but at the same time, I think they can turn this into a teachable moment & make good happen from it. So while im not in love with the pick, I also am not going to crucify the team....yet. Lets see what they do going forward. Not inviting him to camp & thus taking away some of that "reward" is a start.
  7. I am pretty sure I read something on EOTP a couple of weeks ago that they think he can get out of Europe to play in Montreal (but not Laval) so it would be all or nothing, but there's a risk (of losing his prime spot in Europe) if he leaves and then comes back, so he will weigh the options.
  8. He is a very similar player to Petry. He's a puck mover, a good skater and a great passer. Like Petry he's very big but not massively physical. They are actually very very similar players (with Hamilton a slight edge on offense) but wouldnt you want another Petry on this team? Especially when you consider that Edmundson, Chiarot and Savard are not puck movers. You add another Petry and you have a guy who can start the breakout well on both of your top pairs - approx 45-50 minutes of the game. That would be ideal. Plus he's young - like 5 years younger than Petry. No question its a ton more money but you know an UFA is always going to get 30%+ more than signing your own player. Good post. Agree. And i dont think we're done. Right now we're better than we were yesterday - and in some ways, better than we were to start last year, but in other ways, we're potentially worse. If we start the year with this roster we have a lot of question marks - that might work out - but would be risky.
  9. It would be a smart move & really flesh out this group. That said, it leaves us with very little we could move to acquire a top defensman. I doubt we could do it centred around Drouin though, and im not adding JK to any deal unless the returning player is young and a centre.
  10. I agree. Ive been saying i think we may be surprised with him but, like JK he's definitely a "Work in Progress"
  11. My guess too. We have Toffoli, Anderson, Gallagher, Drouin, Caufield and now Hoffman - thats 6 guys who are ideally all top 6 wingers.
  12. I wonder if Drouin is going to be shopped. With the signings today: Anderson - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - Kotkaniemi - Toffoli Lehkonen - Evans - Gallagher Drouin/Byron - Paquette/Poehling - Armia Cant see Drouin playing that far down the lineup and I think he'd look horrible on a checking line with Evans. Defense worries me: Edmundon - Petry Chairot - Savard Romanov - Wideman Kulak All 7 guys are NHL quality (well Wideman should be) but we're sure lacking top-end talent. Get one guy to push someone back & we're a far better looking group.
  13. Agree. For the most part he was the only player that I felt could really change this team for the better. Other guys may help but nothing drastic. We're still in a (major) need for a top defensman, but other than hamilton you weren't finding that via UFA. I still think MB makes 1 or 2 big trades before the season starts. There isnt & likely wont be because he has 3 severe (and one less severe) injuries that could all require surgery. ANY athlete trying to rehab from that would have a tough time but a 35 year old... that seems unlikely (which is why some say he's done). That said, its not out of the realm of possibility that he comes back for the playoffs or next year. I *think* its for that reason that MB didnt go harder after Hamilton. It would have taken all of Weber's cap hit (and then some) and if there's a possibility that Weber returns... I dont think thats the right way to look at it, but I think its how MB has viewed it. He'll spend Weber's LTIR money but only on multiple players (or short contracts) because he can move some if and when Shea returns. Decent signing. Could be this year's Toffoli. Suddenly we have 4 wingers who can all score and guys like Armia and Lehkonen etc can play in the bottom 6.
  14. Well technically we havent spent the money because we have pretty near a whole roster signed & close to $14m in cap space (assuming Weber goes on the LTIR) so hopefully there's still more to come but im not sure what or who...
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