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  1. It would be nice not to be embarrassed for a change... This leaf team has elite talent on their top 2 lines but some pretty questionable players on lower lines... no idea why they give us so much trouble. With all our supposed "depth" we should be able to exploit that...
  2. Ive been wondering that myself. Ducharme will do something that seems so logical and then he'll do stuff that makes you pull your hair out, so i honestly dont know. I think you're right about Poehling - he would have been the most likely guy to get a chance but I also think that our centre depth right now is: Suzuki - Danault - Kotkaniemi - Evans. Sure any of those guys can play wing but once guys like Gallagher and Byron and possibly Drouin come back, we need to shift people back to their natural positions. I *think* DD sees Staal as our 5th centre (at least he's giving him 4th l
  3. We dont have any roster moves remaining. We can bring back guys from injury but then the emergency call ups would have to go down (Evans or CC). We're stuck with staal in the lineup until the playoffs basically.
  4. Brendan Kelly is a tool. Kotkaniemi is almost a full year younger than Tkachuk and they play totally different games. Lets wait till both are a few years older to make a call on who is better. In the meantime, Tkachuk is an incredibly 1 dimensional player - great offensively but would be pasted to the bench on most decent teams because he's a huge defensive liability.
  5. meh. on the flipside we'll use it as "they beat us when we were already down with so many injuries, we'll show them" Motivation works both ways.
  6. We're going to have to score a bunch of goals in the next two periods to get it even remotely close to respectable.
  7. mmw, we're going to get a goal when Campbell bobbles the puck behind his net. He's already made a couple of mental errors when out of his net. We should be pressuring him.
  8. cheap penalty. pretty sure he tripped over the logo under the ice.
  9. I'll take that trade. I like Frolik and I think he's been putting in the effort but i just dont think he jives with the lineup/system we have - he mostly looks lost out there - no lack of trying. I assume Tatar will be back on Danault's line so does Anderson bump down or back to RW, and does CC go down? I assume one of them will be next to Kotka.
  10. No question its suspension worthy but, do the rangers 'take matters into their own hands" if Wilson had been suspended an appropriate number of games vs. a ridiculously tiny fine?
  11. Started off ok but went downhill in a hurry. Something about the sens that really messes up our game plan - they always get us playing their way & even though they lack experience they have some exceptional talent throughout the lineup. I think we'll come out strong. We always seem to get get up for the leafs, even in a B2B.
  12. its highly unlikely he would have gotten much of a chance in the playoffs but it would have been nice to have him as an option... hope his recovery goes well, he's had a real bounce back season - 25 points in 28 games in Laval - and has moved his name back up among our best young prospects. He wont be a top line centre but looks to be in the discussion as a high end bottom 6 player.
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