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  1. Definitely surprising. Feels like a "show me" deal - maybe he thinks he can up his value with a strong year. Either way, agree, good 'buying time' deal for MB.
  2. Maybe his injury takes longer to heal... like all the way till the playoffs long ;)
  3. Yeah just saw this. Odd they didnt even mention he was injured.
  4. They're going to feel that loss... good.
  5. You know Im a Weber fan but one of the dumbest things this team has done consistently is try to use him as PP Quarterback. When not injured, his shot is lethal but its just one trick. Thats it. Take a guy like Petry - good shot, great passing, terrific deking ability - thats PP QB (and he's not even comparable to a guy like Markov who was elite as a QB) but Weber? Dumb. Why we didnt just put him on the half-wall for one times a-la ovechkin i'll never know. Anyway, with him being out this year i think we'll see some changes. Finally. I assume Petry will QB one of the units and adding Caufleld and Hoffman should really help. But we still need a guy who can pass from the blueline. Maybe Suzuki plays there, maybe someone steps up that we havent thought of (Norlinder) or maybe (hopefully) MB moves some wingers for a defensman (although I think he's more likely to be targeting a centre). One guy im really interested in is Wideman. I know he doesnt have great NHL career stats but maybe he's a late bloomer like Petry. Last year he had great offensive stats in the KHL and he's always been pretty mobile so there's a chance he might have a niche on the PP.
  6. Burke remains as "Director of Goaltending" so we essentially have two goalie coaches now?
  7. At this point Byron is probably a negative value. He's a good player and would crack most teams' 4th lines but his cap hit is just way too much for what he can bring.
  8. I think you mean non-binary. A binery is a type of polish donut i believe...
  9. apparently as many as 12 GMs called about Drouin when they heard he was going to come back this year...
  10. Dude.. i just started a drawing of Byron (the TO goal)... maybe i'll finish the one of CC instead... haha
  11. Im still hopeful MB will trade for someone on defense, but lets look at what we have if he doesnt: Petry (RD) Edmundson (LD) Romanov (LD) Chiarot (LD) Savard (RD) Wideman (RD) Kulak (LD) There's an outside chance someone like Brook (RD) or Norlinder (LD) make the jump but i dont want to hope too much right now. Depth wise I think they will try: Edmundson - Petry (our 2 best at each position, it makes sense) Chiarot - Savard ( our next 2 highest paid & most experienced Dmen) Romanov - Wideman Kulak But I think that playing Savard and Chiarot (who are both very very similar players) together is not ideal. Id much rather see (assuming we dont get anyone else) Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Savard Chiarot - Wideman Then you have a more mobile defensman (Petry, Romanov, Wideman) paired with a more shut down guy (Ed, Savard, Chiarot) Im not totally sure who your 2nd and 3rd pairings are but i think its better than what I think we'll see. Again, still really holding out hope that with our surplus of top 6 wingers someone will get traded for a true top 3-4 PMD.
  12. Agree. With signings a least. I think we might well make a trade or two still. Thank God. best news I heard all day.
  13. Id feel bad for Perry but id be very happy (although the latest we could play them is 2nd round). Tough to say. I know what you are saying but next season could be tricky with expiring contracts & Weber possibly back... i can see why MB wanted flexibility but if the only stumbling block was that extra year, i might have done it. Its not like we'd be paying him 2 or 3 mil etc.
  14. Oh i definitely think they'll be competitive but I dont think it will be enough for the cup but we shall see! He's definitely given himself a better shot than if he had re-upped here!
  15. I have a feeling they arent winning again once they get their cap sorted out. We shall see.. Right now they are about $5m over with a bare minimum roster signed...
  16. Yup. More than any of our other UFA he's the guy i hoped would be back - especially for guys like CC and Suzuki to learn from but maybe he's already imparted enough wisdom. Ultimately I suspect that 2nd year was the hitch for MB.
  17. Sad to see him go but honestly wouldnt have loved it if Bergevin had given him 2 years. Could he possibly be good in 2 years? Sure. He might even be good in 3 or 4 years but i would be on a strict year by year deal right now. Too much risk
  18. Perry just signed with TB. Wonder who the vet centres are..
  19. Agree. My understanding is that most insiders think they are demanding Suzuki & Bergevin wont do it. JK would be the next obvious choice. I dont see them doing a deal that doesnt include a centre (and I dont think Evans or Poehling would cut it). While swapping 1 centre for another doesnt help our centre depth in terms of bodies, JK for Eichel would improve our centres to the point that the depth wouldnt be as much of an issue. Right now you have Suzuki who can probably play 16-17 minutes in all situations. JK who is likely going to be given 14-15 minutes but somewhat sheltered. Eichel, would likely be given 20+ minutes - and like Suzuki, in all situations. That leaves only lik 22-23 minutes a night that your 3rd and 4th lines have to eat. Thats a pretty substantial difference & Id be fairly comfortable going into the season with a centre group of Eichel - Suzuki - Evans - Poehling/Paquette/Byron/Hoffman This is, of course, 100% based on Eichel's health.
  20. 10 medals, all women... hrm. Did we send any guys to the games?
  21. HIs mother would beg to differ!
  22. This is one of those rare cases where on the open market a player woudlnt get as much. I assume that most teams wouldnt go over $3m for him. With regards to Perry, remember he got bought out, so he's still getting paid $2m by the ducks for the net two years. I suspect he'd like something more like $1.5-2m but i think where he signs is more important to him than for how much tbh.
  23. Yup. They've been asking for essentially 4 first rounders (picks or players who were picked there). JK was 3rd overall. Drouin was 3rd overall (albeit he's older but still fairly young). + the first. I dont think they are getting 4 but they may get 3 so that could do it. Alternately if they didnt want Drouin you could do JK + Guhle + 1st + Byron (for some salary relief)
  24. I thought he switched between LW and C in Laval this year? Either way, I do actually think his game may be better suited to LW to be honest. I guess we'll see. Poehling-Evans-Lehks could be a great shut down line.
  25. In fairness, I dont think it went over their heads. I think they were fully aware it was going to be a controversial choice. I think they felt like saying things like "were going to help make him a better person" would do the trick but didnt realize just how loud the public outcry was going to be. The idea of not inviting him to camp etc is a good start but it should have been done immediately upon drafting him (I mean they shoudlnt have drafted him to begin with but...) All this stuff, like setting up a program etc feels like an afterthought and, while its all good stuff, it doesnt look like great PR. Ive seen a few of these polls on twitter & similar. The problem is that there's no real grey area. I dislike the choice because i think it went against what should have been done but at the same time, I think they can turn this into a teachable moment & make good happen from it. So while im not in love with the pick, I also am not going to crucify the team....yet. Lets see what they do going forward. Not inviting him to camp & thus taking away some of that "reward" is a start.
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