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  1. And the house of laughter strikes again.
  2. As fans i can understand the frustration out there. Over the last while we probably haven't had a decent practice since March with the crazy schedule we've had. We're banged up and worn out and it shows. A little rest combined with a few good practices and some healthy bodies and my feeling is we could surprise in the playoffs. IMO our biggest issue will be our frame of mind. It's looking like the Leafs in the 1st round and we haven't played them terribly. Most of the games have been close and we could exploit their overconfidence. Another good thing is no late games and very little travel for
  3. Yes. Either we get the point ourselves or both Calgary and Vancouver lose 1.
  4. At least Mathews didn't score tonight. Not stopping them from talking about him though.
  5. I don't believe for a second that MB doesn't fill out the roster card each game.
  6. Nucks lose tonight and we need 1 to clinch
  7. Got to think Allen wants that one back.
  8. If it was against us they would have for sure.
  9. I guess hooking is good to go tonight
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