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  1. Looks like the men finally got off the bus. Bronze today.
  2. They say the eyes are the first thing to go, but that looks pink to me.
  3. Montreal Canadiens Éric Raymond goalie coach - TSN.ca New goalie coach.
  4. Well,,,, we spent the money and didn't get either that splashy forward or puck moving D. Pretty much what we expected,,,right??
  5. So,,,from the looks of it,,, bunch of sideward moves today. The D pretty much stays the same and the forward group will need to depend on a healthy Gally returning to his productive self, along with JD having dealt with his issues, and CC taking up some slack with a full season.
  6. Maybe it was this guy,,,, Louie Belpedio ??
  7. Know absolutely zip about this guy,,, The Habs also signed defenceman Louie Belpedio to a one-year, two-way deal
  8. C YA Dano. At that kind of money and term it's a hard pass. Happy to see we dodged that bullet. As for the Savard signing,,, 1 year too long but i suppose that's what it took to get it done. Wondering if Tuna is still in MB's crosshairs? He fell out of favour in the playoffs ( maybe still lingering injury issues) but he was a decent producer for us paired up with Gally in the regular season. I wouldn't be upset at a 2 to 3 year deal at 3 mill or under a season. At least we know what he's about.
  9. Full out damage control by Molson. Just about every fan out there knew this was a problem choice, but for whatever reason, it just went over the heads of Hab management. Mind boggling how they could have so badly misread the situation. Who's running this show??
  10. I have a feeling we'll be saying the same thing shortly about MB and the Habs
  11. Is KK eligible for an offer sheet? Piss off too many teams and somebody's going to retaliate IMO. Then there's Nick down the road. That's the reason you don't see too many of them being offered.
  12. My memory might be failing me, but pretty sure they carried it 5 years ago too.
  13. So Button seems to think a 4 year deal at 16 million would get the job done with Dano. Didn't anybody tell him he supposedly refused 5 last year?? No wonder he can't get a front office job. If that's all it took he would already be signed.
  14. Have to add Tuna to that list because he was a productive member of Dano's line in the past. Armia's not a given to return either.
  15. This is in no way meant to defend or further the case against our first round selection, but thought i would throw it out there,,, The Vancouver Canucks announced on Sunday that forward Jake Virtanen has been placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of a buyout. The Canucks are parting ways with the under-performing Virtanen after six seasons. He was placed on leave on May 1 after being accused in a lawsuit of sexually assaulting a women four years earlier.
  16. So,,,,, 2023 is still a possibility?
  17. Sets the bar for the going rate of a Vezina winner. Easy to see why Seattle passed on Price for free now (other then money).
  18. Price recovery from his knee surgery expected to be 10 to 12 weeks. Should be ready for season opener.
  19. I guess Romanov is going to be ridding the pine again this year.
  20. For the record,,,, none of your posts were removed. The debate has been pretty much within forum rules so far. Only a few posts were removed for getting a little personal with other members views, otherwise it's been pretty respectful. It's certainly been refreshing to see different points of view expressed in a civil manner as you've alluded to.
  21. If we can't make a solid move to strengthen the lineup, then i would hope MB doesn't commit money and term for consolation choices just to spend money. We'll need that money shortly to lock up some of our key kids. If he can't make the BIG move, then use that money to buy somebody else's problems in the short term while accumulating prospects and picks. The worst thing he can do is sit on the money like he did a few seasons ago. Spending to the Cap is one of the few advantages this team can exploit.
  22. I have to agree that the NHL acted as the facilitator. They could have easily declared him ineligible for this years draft, and the kid made it easy on them by stating he wanted to pass. IMO they should be sharing equally in the criticism that's being thrown at MB and the Habs right now.
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