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  1. I have discussed this as well with friends, not Suzuki. But, certainly KK+Droiun+First and any other deeman excluding Guhle, Romanov and Norlinder
  2. Caufield on the 4th line just makes zero sense, other then having him on the bench for the PP. He ends up with fewer minutes, playing against the nasties from the other teams 4th lines and becomes someone who the coaches can blame when Perry and Stall cannot get back to defend. How about a third line of Leks, Evans and Armia, Suzukia with Toffoli and Anderson, Tatar with KK and Caufield, Byron and Stall and Perry. Makes more sense. Then when you have a PP , you can have KK and Caufield in one pairing and Toffili and Suzuki in the other. So not only
  3. I think putting Caufield on the wrong wing would be a huge mistake. He would certainly have a blind spot on the half wall in the DZONE, not as bad for bigger wingers but with his size it could be quite dangerous if a big deeman decides to come in off the blueline. And why mess with a rookie on the opposite wing one thing with a veteran player. Now if he has played junior and college hockey on the opposite wing that one thing, but to start playing him there after 5 or 6 nhl games makes very little sense Droiun Suzuki and Anderson Toffoli KK and Caufield Tatart Danualt and Galla
  4. I agree I think he is going to be really good as well. Yes Petry made a wonderful play, but pure goal scores know how to get to the right areas and he did that last night. Toffu does it but his skating is a factor, with CC that is not going to be an issue.
  5. Can Poehling play tonight? I would love to have him in the lineup and Stall in the Taxi squad.
  6. I know what you are trying to say, but under your scenario Calgary would still have a chance to win. Assuming we get 2 points out of our next 3 games, we would have 55 points. If Calgary loses the next two games they still have 47 points, they could still win the last five games and end up with 57 points. TBD is only if they have no possibilty getting in Keep in mind you seem to be looking at tiebreakers based on numbers now, they would change if the full schedule has to be played out and we end up tied with Calgary, Because Calgary would have had to have more wins in the last
  7. I agree this thing is far from over. 7 games left. Vancouver came back full of p**& and vinegar after the covid outbreak, playing on emotion. They look gassed now, having played 7 games in 14 days. Add another 12 over the next 19 days, I could see Calgary easily winning all 4 to close out there season. So if they win 2 of there next 3 they end up with 59 points, and i think would win the tie breaker if we get 59 points. They have Edmonton tonight who they just recently beat. They have a battered Winnipeg team on Wed and then Ottawa. I think we need to win 4 out of the next 7 to
  8. I hope they do not bench him for not scoring yet in two games. Or start complaining about him because he is to small. And easily get pinned against the boards ..LOL He is looking better each shift. And , he leads the team in Corsi for 61.5%,
  9. He played first pairing at 18 years old. What did you expect? 19 his second year, 20 his third. Last year the league was cancelled, this year they brought in players who cannot skate to add to the bunch who already could not skate. I think they expected to much from him at 18 and 19. I dont think he was ever given a chance after that. You do realize he is only 22 years old right. Deeman in general take longer to develop. Being muscled off the puck in front of the net ends up on the highlight real because it looks bad. Someone getting to the puck quickly and skating it out. The game tod
  10. Brett Kulak 1 goal 39 games, Romanov 1 goal 46 games, Chariot 1 goal 33 games, Edmundson 2 goals 48 games...
  11. Oh LOOK - Beauty goal by Mete tonight, speed kills and he has it, to bad the habs brass could not look past his size. https://www.nhl.com/video/mete-opens-the-scoring/t-323924744/c-8195985
  12. Beauty goal by Mete tonight, speed kills and he has it, to bad the habs brass could not look past his size.
  13. I agree with this with the exceptions of Danualt, I think we need to move on from him, so the next coach will have to live or die with the kids up the middle. Petry because he is such a good skater, would give him much more longevity than a Weber. Tatar is a must to keep because we are really in sad shape on the left side. Dumba i would say is not for sale . 3 of there top six are all over 30 years old. A pairing of Dumba and Brodin can carry that team for the next 6 years as top pairing. Now if they wanted to swap Dumba for Petry, I would do that. I would go hard on Vince
  14. So true this is just beyond insanity. The only way you really learn the game is to play the game.
  15. This what the leafs did for years, bringing in hockey players way past the expiry date. The best lineups we had this year did not include Stall, Did not include Perry. I know Drouin has his issues, but he is one of the quickest players we have. He can open up the ice for his linemates, i seen him use his speed on a number of occasions this season on the back check. With him out of the lineup, your depending on guys like corey perry, staal, armia, toffoli to get to loose pucks, or open up the ice for there teamates. Its not going to happen. I think players like Poehling, Caufield, Evans, Yolen
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