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  1. Bottom line, this kid f*&ked up. He has to take repsonsibility for this young girl. I dont care if he was good enough to be number one in the draft. As long as society says because you have a certain skill what ever you do doesn't matter that is what is f*&ked up. There is no way we should have drafted this kid. Being young does not make it right. After being caught telling everybody your sorry doesn't make it right. Taking the punishment may help. Taking him out or the draft may have proven to other young men you dont get away with this shit. We have show to society. If doesnt matter how good you are at something you will always have less value then someone you f**&cked over not the other way around.
  2. You may be right. But he is one of the best offensive deeman in the game with really good size....But do we need to to tie of 9 million for 6 or 7 years. After some thought i would be more inclined to go hard after David Savard. Big Physical Player in the Mold of Weber. He was nasty on our forwards in the playoffs. French :).. 4 - 5 million 4 or 5 years....... Try a 2 for 1 with Suter and Parise. They seem like friends. Chance to play in a hockey hotbed for one season. Here split 5 million for 1 year.
  3. I liked Drouin effort this past season, even though he was not scoring he was still getting points. Ducharme used him in every situation back in Junior may just be the coach to point him in the right direct. Mentally i hope this time off helped him. If we could add Hamilton...that would be huge for this team.
  4. As the NHL lifted its roster freeze this afternoon, the Flyers had a trade to make official. After a bit of confusion surrounding which team would be sending draft picks, the trade became clear: Shayne Gostisbehere, a second-round pick, and a seventh-round pick to the Arizona Coyotes for no return. I am not a Ghost fan at all, even though lots of posters liked him. But i would have done this deal.
  5. I agree the interference on the play, that was what got me the most. I am not a Kulak fan, but he played much much better then Merril or Gustavson. I am still shocked it took this long to get Romanov in. Blows my mind. anyway 3 to go
  6. Makes 0 sense, same as not playing Romanov over Merril or Gustavson. KK with Armia and Perry would be much better, KK is quicker, his stick is better and he is more physical.
  7. There is simply no explanation to have Romanov sitting for the likes of Merrill, Gustafsson or Kulak, 0 , nada. None of the latter 3 will be with the habs next season. Why not give the ice time to a player you hope to have play for your team for the next 7 or 8 years, someone you want to be developing. He will not cost you a game anymore than anyone else playing right now.
  8. I am with this also. I love what Danualt has done this playoffs. But for me it ends there. KK RFA this Year and Nick next season. I would be looking at long term deal for both ASAP, 7 years 5 to 5.5 for KK and and 7rs 6 to 6.5 for Suzuki. Buy low and fingers crossed - you get Toffli type return for at least 4, 5, 6 or even 7 yrs. If you give them a few more years to develop and they likely will your paying them in the range of 8 and 10 range. I would like to add a nice hard nosed LF forward to play with Nick and Caufield. Tkachuk Calgary. Landeskog - Colorado type player
  9. Such nonsense. Our dee has been rock solid throughout the playoffs. I can see why Bergy built the corp we have. It was never about creating offence it was always about clearing the lanes for Carey price and they have done that during the playoffs to perfection and it has played out well. Using some ridiculous numbers to say Kulak is better then Weber or Chariot or Edmundson boggles my mind. Of course there numbers are lower. They get the toughest assignments every single shift. They played guys like Mathews and Marner, Stone and Patches, Wheeler and Elhers ask there coaches how that played out and if they would have preferred Kulak and Romanov instead of Weber and Chariot or Petry and Edmundson Its almost laughable. The kulak of the game are a dime a dozen.
  10. No matter what happens now. I think he remains coach next season. Just because of what the hab's have accomplished already in the playoffs.
  11. There was no turning point, yes we had a bad game and won, vegas also had a bad game and won, we were just a better team up and down the lineup, your forwards are meant to score and your dee is meant to defend and that is exactly what happened for us. Vegas however had things backwards their dee was scoring, forwards were not. And no won defending. Oh and did i mention our goalie outplayed both their goalies ...
  12. He panic in the dee zone any kind of pressure, that is why he gets more offensive zone starts, than almost any player in the entire NHL.
  13. Any pressure in the dee zone and panic city for Kulak this is not uncommon, that is why he gets more offensive zone starts then almost anyone in the entire league Just wondering if we scored early when we had some good pressure if this games ends differently. Maybe not. Vegas looked to be in playoff mode after a tough series with Colorado. We looked asleep for most of the game after long layoff. This is how we looked against TO early in that series. Good Starts then as the game went on looked worse and worse. I think we should be better next game. Hopefully we can steal that one, get an early goal or two. We do need Petry, just hope he is not rushed.
  14. How about these questions instead. How many goals will Caufield score this series 5 or more? Will Price save percentage increase to .950 or .960 after this series How many goals will Tofu have 10 or more after this series? Will it be Stone or Patches limping off the ice after a thunderous hit by Weber in game one? Which game will Vegas almost win 3 or 4?
  15. Certainly not a Bruins fan, but after taking about 6 crosschecks in a row, 3 by Barzal and nothing called, I probably would have reacted that way to. I dont think it was that bad, And I really think Barzal played that to the fans and refs. I would have given both of them a minor. Barzal could have gotten one for the crosscheck and embellishment.
  16. He was already benched LOL and he should be. That is why he gets 6 minutes a game. Imagine having that paly 12 to 14 minutes against players like Mathews, Marner, MCdavids, Wheeler of the..
  17. Wait though someone will tell you you no shots on net while he is out there using ridiculous stats..lol
  18. WoW that is so crazy... maybe the ghosts of the old forum have finally moved in....
  19. I cannot deny that, they were gassed. But when you may only have one period of hockey left until next season you have to shorten the bench. It no longer matters if you lose When the other team puts there best players out you have to put your best players out. Keep in mind we dont have the firepower of the Leafs, but i think we have better defensive deeman then the leafs do, so we have to try to mitigate their offensive power and we have been. If they double up down the stretch we have to as well. Per Game Marner around 25 minutes per game, Mathews 24 minutes per game, Hyman 23 minutes per game. Per Game Weber around 25,mins per game, Petry 24 mins per game, Chariot 24 minutes per game
  20. We did all watch the same game last night. And yes they were gassed and should be its all about putting everything on the line. It happens in every sporting event. When its do or die you win or lose with the players who you think give you the best odds. Do you really believe Gustavson or Kulak give you a better shot in the last 10 minuets against Mathews, Marner, Nylander, Hyman etc. If not for the two unlucky bounces of Petry we win 2-0. If not for the two lucky goals by Muzzin the game before we win 3-1. The leave are not going to roll over and Die because we have a 2 goal lead or a 3 goal lead, they are going to pinch from the blue line, they are going to double shift their top guys .. Did Toronto lose because Mathews played 30 minutes or Marner played 30 minutes, yet Spezza only played 12 minutes or Galchenyk only played 11 minutes. Travis McDermot played 19 minutes for the leafs. I bet Toronto wished that had Rielly out there even though he played 34 minutes. Chariot and Weber played the most minutes last night but ened the night +1 and even and contributed to the winning goal in OT. Not bad if you ask me in a win or done scenario..
  21. Its crazy all the beat down on Weber and company and how they are not generating anything offensively blah blah blah. I think they have fairly well. Same deeman played in the first period and we could have easily been up by 3. If you want to follow a guy every shift every second you can likely find mistakes, and you can choose to ignore the good things. See this happens in the world of sport. You have two teams competing each night - NOT one. You have really good players on the different teams. So you have momentum swings. Watch the overtime goal all the crap on Chariot and Weber. Two smart short passes started the play that led to the JK overtime winner. But that will not be mentioned. Oh wait yes it will because I just mentioned it. LOL
  22. Patrick Roy Head Coach Mario Trembley Assistant Coach LOL
  23. But Suzuki was the guy on the left??? CC was on the right side. Anyway. I think any player shooting on their opposite wing will always have more net. CC was on the right side Suzuki was on the left side.
  24. Its easy to go back now and say we should have drafted this guy or that guy. But on the table at that time was Gilbert Brule or Price Imagine looking back now and saying we could have had the best goalie in the world for 10 years...But no we took Gilbert Brule.
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