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  1. Completely agree with all of this, I think there's more opportunity and good news in all of this. Probably where we disagree would be that I think MB will do well with this situation Its going to be a dog fight to get into the playoffs next year.
  2. Eichel-Suzuki-Evans-Poehling down the middle next year works for me (assuming JK plus gets that trade done). That gives us a real #1 C, a real #2 C, a good enough #3 C (I wouldn't pay Danault what he's likely looking for), and Poehling is due to come up and would be either a good 4C or 4L to start. Toffoli-Eichel-Anderson (Its TEA time!) Caufield-Suzuki-Gallagher Byron-Evans-Lehkonen (this line seemed like a good shut down line) UFA-Poehling-Perry
  3. I like Bieksa's comments as well. That faceoff point is good, another good point he made last night was that in a split on the road, you'd rather win the second game so you can carry momentum into the next game. Seems obvious, but it means something when he says it since he's got relatively recent NHL playoff experience (vs. Elliotte, Cassie, Ron, for example).
  4. Fully agree, thought it was going to be 2-3.
  5. We're in the Final 9 ;) Colorado - Vegas - Boston - NYI - Carolina - Tampa - Winnipeg - Montreal & Toronto still alive!
  6. I guess its about our odds of winning the Cup. I think at best, we have about a 60% chance at getting into the playoffs, and then from there at best a 1/16 shot at winning the playoffs...so 3-4% chance (0.6*0.0625). Whereas a team like Buffalo has a 0% chance to win the Cup (0%*0.0625) and a team like Tampa Bay now has around a 12-13% chance to win the Cup (100%*0.125%). Some benefits of this: 1) All regular season games are worth watching because we need every point we can get 2) If we do get in to the playoffs, you better watch because we may not be here next year and hey, they do work hard these guys, they might just pull off an upset or two But that's where we're at as far as I can tell...Price keeps us from bottoming out, and Price ALONE (without other superstars) keeps our odds of winning the Cup alive, but low.
  7. Since the lockout there have been 15 Cups won: 3 by Pittsburgh and 3 by Chicago 2 by Los Angeles 1 by Boston, Washington, Tampa, St. Louis, Carolina, Anaheim, Detroit The majority of the winners had multiple, very high picks, used on elite future HOF forwards, as a result of bottoming out for a long enough period of time. > Is it a guaranteed path to the Cup? No - Edmonton, Toronto, Buffalo, New Jersey, Colorado (though time will tell ) > Is it often a pathway to the Cup? Yes. > Is it the only pathway to the Cup? No. We have Price who is an elite future HOF goalie that keeps us in most games that we have more or less a 50/50 shot at winning, so we keep finishing just in or just out of the playoffs, and we keep drafting in a middling position...not getting multiple, very high picks; the frequent pathway to the Cup. As long as we ONLY have Price as an elite future HOF player on our team, we are fated to perpetual mediocrity (not a criticism of Price at all, just the opposite, he's that good). Its quite the pickle.
  8. Doh! I forgot about the offer sheet method.
  9. We're still living with Gainey's July 30, 2005 decision to take Price over Kopitar. It seems like Montreal prioritizes having elite goaltending. The problem in a build-through-the-draft era with elite goaltending is we never bottomed out long enough (and we never will bottom out long enough) to draft other elite players, AND when we did, it was a bad draft year (cough Chucky). Couple that with the facts that UFA superstars don't move often, and they don't seem to come here. So we can't draft superstars and we can't get them via UFA, leaving us with the trade market. Targeting disgruntled superstars seems to be our only remaining option, and we'd have to overpay. Something like: Eichel for Kotkaniemi + Gallagher + Romanov + 2021 1st As long as we have Price, we're never going to bottom out long enough, and we will always have a "St. Louis" shot to win the Cup IF we can scrape into the playoffs. We'll always be drafting in a middling position as we either just miss the playoffs or just get into the playoffs. The Rangers seem to have had a similar experience with Lundqvist. I think we're heading down that same inevitable path.
  10. Aside from Subban's large cap hit, he seems like a perfect fit for the Leafs one day.
  11. The German language has different words for you (singular) and you (plural). English is Germanic, but we didn't keep that distinction. Fun fact for the day there.
  12. I wonder who Toronto would take off Montreal? Imagine we add Matthews, then McDavid, then Kucherov and face off against Vegas who added Phil the Thrill, McKinnon, and then Crosby.
  13. Just a thought on our depth and Game 4 (the second of a back to back): Guys we don't play in Game 3 should be well rested, relatively, and likely to play in Game 4 Also, fun idea, if you beat a team, you get to take one of their players forward with you. Ie: We beat the Leafs, so now we can add Chucky to our team for the next round!
  14. Gerard Gallant next Habs coach Yay - Nay - Maybay
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