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  1. Gerard Gallant next Habs coach Yay - Nay - Maybay
  2. Assuming no Drouin: Tatar-Danault-Gallagher (shut down their top line, our proven top line) Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield (hey we can score too) Armia-Kotkaniemi-Anderson (physical with scoring capabilities) Lehkonen-Evans-Byron (good line as of late) Perry coming in as first call for an injury Leafs in 6
  3. Would you trade: Suzuki + Drouin + 2021 1st + Guhle for Eichel (5 years remaining on his 10m/season cap hit) Sure would be fun to see Eichel paired with Caufield
  4. I really hope Byron gets claimed, only because of that cap hit. No doubt he'd made most teams that pick him up a better team on the ice. Toffoli-Crosby-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia Poehling-Evans-Perry Crosby for Danault, Tatar, Mete, Caufield, another prospect not named Primeau or Guhle, and some picks (probably next year's 1st).
  5. Yeah I think that's likely his chance to get in the lineup, which would be a good thing to keep both Poehling and Evans growing. For a deadline Getzlaf deal, Anaheim would have to be out of playoff contention, and retain most of his cap hit to make that deal work for us. Both of those are possible though, so its an interesting idea to reunite the two of them here for a run.
  6. Some talk about Getzlaf out there as a Habs playoff rental target with Perry: Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Toffoli-Getzlaf-Perry Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia
  7. I think MB will not get PLD, and MB will say that CBJ wanted too much from us, he likes our team as it is, he likes PLD, but the price was just too high, and I think most of us will be fine with all of that. Sure would be fun to have PLD though! Danault turning down 5m x 6 years tells me he won't be part of next year's team, and I suspect Tuna and Armia will be gone as well, freeing up 10.5m in cap. I could see offering Danault 5.5m x 6 years, similar payout to Drouin and Anderson, but any more than that, and its been nice knowing you.
  8. Just an off the board idea: PLD for Price Any takers on that? Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Kotkaniemi-Dubois-Armia Lehkonen-Evans-Byron Allen Primeau and $5m in cap space
  9. My guess is DD is KK...sort of a mistype of the middle finger (used left hand and got DD, instead of right hand to get KK).
  10. PLD (5.5m) for Kotkaniemi, Kulak, Byron (6.175m) + picks and/or prospects not named Guhle/Norlinder/Caufield Leaving us with: Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson Toffoli-Dubois-Armia Lehkonen/Frolik-Evans/Poehling-Perry
  11. Feb 26, 2016 - Fleischmann and Weise for Danault and Romanov Wow
  12. Canada Division: Not sure if this has been mentioned on another thread or not, but there is a rumour that next season may see an all Canadian Division. Meaning Montreal would be in the same division as Vancouver, Calgary, etc. Makes some sense given the 14 day travel restrictions.
  13. Maybe Ouellet moved down to Non-Roster Defence...not sure if he was up on the Active Defense list yesterday or not...
  14. capfriendly showing that MTL is now $383,691 under the cap...has there been another move anyone knows about?
  15. Yep all good points imo. Per this poll: Just when I thought MB had done enough, he goes out and extends BG for 6 more years and Allen for 2 more years (to be our expansion draft eligible goalie per league requirements)...well done MB, well done.
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