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  1. Also agreed. I think a lot of us have been quick to write him off. He had a disappointing follow up to his debut (hard not to), but that second year can be tough for a lot of young players. He’s since looked to be developing quite well. I wouldn’t mind at all if he were to replace Staal before the season is up. But even if we have to wait until next season, I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do
  2. Problem with Mete is his lack of offensive instincts. A defensmen with his attributes (small, fast, skilled) needs to produce offensively. His inability to cover in the defensive zone, knock guys off the puck, stand players up at the blueline and protect the front of the net can be over looked if he had better offensive instincts. But retrieving and skating alone isn’t enough. It’s very possible that had we not rushed him, gave him time to develop, he could have added that element to his game. Then again, his offence wasn’t that good in Jr either. Hard to say. I like Mete, I hope he finds a wa
  3. Nah, we absolutely “can” beat the leafs in a best of 7. Doesn’t mean we will, but better to have played and lost, than to have not played at all
  4. Lol the nerve! He should probably not be allowed to play again based on that alone! Good grief...
  5. If Caufield keeps scoring like he has so far, I think we’ll see him sooner than later. And with him, I actually believe we might finally have a player (1st rounder) that lives up to his potential. I can’t really think of one since Price.
  6. I can’t say I know a whole lot. I remember his name from his draft year, his profile caught my eye at the time (shows how good my judgment is eh?). But one thing is for sure, he has some fantastic “hockey hair”! (At least in the mugs I saw when I looked’em up)
  7. I’m not so sure he’ll get claimed. I imagine he’s been shopped around to this point, clearly there wasn’t any interest. Maybe the fact that it’ll cost nothing to get him will make a difference, but I assume MB wasn’t asking too high a price for him, so I don’t know. I have my doubts.
  8. Depends on when. If this was something he was trying before Staal, that’s a different story. I too would have preferred Getzlaf over Staal, and would have generally approved of the acquisition. If he tried for Getzlaf after already acquiring Staal, I don’t know what he was thinking...
  9. Kinda makes me wonder, how hard is KK chirping out there? Clearly ruffles a lot of feathers. And didn’t he get a suspension tacked on? I don’t know, I could be wrong. Either way, I think McDavid should get some level of discipline beyond a 2 min minor, for his own sake. Either the league handles it, or someone is going to have to on the ice. That shot can’t go unanswered.
  10. Seems like Kotkaneimi has been the recipient of a disproportionate number of questionable hits. How many games did he get for that questionable boarding call against Philly last playoffs?
  11. I was thinking along these lines just the other day. This time of year it always seems so black and white, buyers and sellers. And the odd team that buys just to try and get in to the playoffs. Why don’t we see more of both? If a team, like the Habs, are in a situation where you have a couple of needs, as well as a couple of FA’s that would be automatic sells if they were on the outside looking in, that aren’t necessarily filling a need at the moment, why not flip’em for assets while simultaneously trading assets to fill actual needs? Nashville might not have any interest in either Tatar or Da
  12. I think it’s because if you look at the list of really good teams, that under normal circumstances would be in our division, this division is considerably weaker. Subtract Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton. Sub in Tampa, Boston and Florida. Mix in the other really good teams in the eastern conference that we would’ve played a bunch in the regular season, and likely would have also matched up against in the early rounds of the playoffs. Washington, NYI, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Philly. But I mostly agree with you, one of us Canadian teams will make the semi’s, and most of these other teams will el
  13. I assume they’ll just tac the extra games on to the end of the schedule. One extra week or so of regular season to catch up on all the missed games before the playoffs start shouldn’t be a big deal. And yea, the new variants might be more contagious, but unless I’m misinformed, they are also less dangerous. And 7 days for quarantine is plenty considering all of these players are already basically living in a bubble. There are many professions that have been passing through the border this whole time, I believe with no quarantine whatsoever. I’ve worked through this whole ordeal, I imagine
  14. Sounds like a good deal to me, half salary retained as well. It’s not a blockbuster, but it definitely strengthens our C position. Also, with no roster player going to Buffalo, it doesn’t leave us short in the meantime while he clears quarantine. I can’t see anything negative about this deal.
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