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  1. I have to agree, and I wanted so bad to like him when we picked him up (his hair is fantastic). But hell, at least Gus has his moments of usefulness. Joe Dirt is just brutal all of the time.
  2. The likelihood either Jones or Hamilton sign here is slim to none. I’d bet both these players are eyeing up an American market. Big FA’s don’t choose Canadian markets. If we are to get anything done it will be through the draft and shrewd trading, and thrifty FA acquisitions. The good news is that I don’t think we’re in too bad a position. Yes we need an upgrade in the puck moving defence department in order to improve our regular season results, PP etc. But our defence has been pretty effective thus far in these playoffs. With any luck Romanov will have a better go of it next year, but if not, maybe Gustovson could prove helpful in the mean time. To me our issue seems to be less about what we have and more about how we use it. What we have now is working, but it doesn’t work in the regular season. We just need to adjust how we deploy the likes of Weber and Chiarot, drop them down a pair or two in the regular season, push them back to the front line when we get back to the playoffs. Gus might be a bit of a turnover machine, but so are a lot of puck moving D. In the regular season they look great, but are liabilities in the playoffs. Lol look at Sergachev, I haven’t watched a lot of Tampa, but the little bit I have seen this post he has been brutal!
  3. Besides Krejci, in a heartbeat. But it won’t happen. Bergeron will likely play out his contract and retire a B, and I doubt Marchand is going anywhere any time soon. And also, I don’t see either of them going at a reduced rate if they were to hit the market
  4. Haha c’mon guys, I’m the only one who took the Hab’s in 4?!
  5. By mirage I meant in regards to the North division being the weakest of the divisions. We are absolutely the kings of the North, what that’s worth will be determined by this next round
  6. Either matchup is going to be tough. A true test. Has our success so far been a mirage, masked by a substandard level of play in our division as a whole? Or are we, and our North division better than we have been given credit for? Both teams are different beasts, and offer there own unique challenges. I’m just looking forward to getting this thing started!
  7. Right?! I said the same thing to my wife the last time he scored two! Mario Armia strikes again!
  8. I didn’t get a good look at it, I thought it just looked like a flukey play. Was it intentional or incidental?
  9. Lol… I also wonder if there isn’t something behind the scenes that has led to Romanov not playing. It does seem strange to me that he would play the whole year only to be benched for the playoffs. So when DD says it’s because of lack of experience, I take that with a grain of salt. It’s believable to an extent, since Romanov wasn’t the only kid to be benched to start with. But there wasn’t a lot of hesitation to get KK and Caufield back in there when the opportunity knocked either. And with the way Meril and Gus have struggled since the beginning, it’s not hard to make an argument in favour of putting Romanov in, but it just doesn’t seem to be considered an option. With all of that said, I also agree that his play fell off as the season went on. He should have been sent to Laval. I don’t mind that he’s not playing, and I understand why he’s not. Believe it or not, our Habs actually believe we can win this dang trophy. That’s what their out there playing for. They’re not treating this as a learning experience for the children. Also, not all rookies are created equal, comparing rookies that are playing with their teams like they’re apples to apples isn’t genuine. Kaprizov is like 24 years old, Dobson is similar in age, but has been playing North American hockey his whole life, and clearly their development throughout the season has been different than Romanov’s. I know those were just two “off the top of your head” examples, my point is just that they are all unique. So like I said at the start, I do wonder if there’s more to the story than just Romanov’s lack of experience. I also don’t mind him not playing if the coach doesn’t think it’s the right move. And personally, and especially if it’s physicality that we think we’re missing, I wouldn’t mind at all seeing Fleury getting a look. I still don’t know what I missed that had him sent down, never to be called back up again….
  10. Your probably right, I’m not sure who would or wouldn’t be eligible to be called up
  11. Sure hope we get the crowd to handle the anthem again, we should just roll with that the rest of the way. It’s a great way to get them into it early
  12. Byron makes sense. I’d have to assume after Byron, Weal’sy would get a look before Vejdemo, no? Either way, pretty slim pickings, let’s just hope we don’t have to cross that bridge
  13. I was watching a video that pointed out Staal’s FO’s were in the 20% range last night, and they mentioned he looked like he might have hurt his wrist at some point, and perhaps that was partly to blame for his bad night at the dot. Hopefully it’s nothing, but it did get me thinking. With Evans already out, what would we do if we lost a Center? Whether it’s Staal or any of the other three, who draws in? Do we just move a wing to Center? Do we have a C in waiting?
  14. Anything less than 2 games will be a joke. 5 games sounds about right to me. A case could be made for more, but with Schiefele’s clean history, I’ll be surprised if he gets more than 2. What a terrible ending to a great game...
  15. To be fair, since the beginning of all of this there have been exceptions made for particular industries regarding travel and boarder crossings. All of us have been through a lot over the past year +, some more than others, including the players/teams. Given that we are seemingly in the later stages of this whole mess, I don’t see an issue with the teams being able to travel back and forth without quarantining for 2 weeks. Especially since they’ve basically been in a state of quarantine beyond that of the average person this whole time.
  16. I don’t know, Granlund feels a little... meh... to me. Similar to RNH in that both would likely cost more than their worth, with more term than we’d like. I don’t think we want someone who, when one of Suzuki or Kotkaneimi stumbles, is going to put pressure on their place in the lineup. Unless it’s a clear improvement, like Eichel, in which case one of Suzuki or Kotkaneimi would likely be going back the other way, so crisis adverted.
  17. I checked out RNH’s stats yesterday, I was surprised at how underwhelming his FO% is. Consistently poor. We already have Centers that consistently loose face offs lol. I think that unless we’re bringing in a legit #1, I’d just look for a “Nate Thompson 2.0”. Someone to take key draws, teach a trick or two to the kids, short term filler
  18. Leading up to the deadline there was some talk about Glendening, is he still available? He might also make for a solid 3/4 guy.
  19. Weak at Centre for sure, not much we can do about that. Bring in a fourth line face off specialist, a quality face off coach. I’d entertain keeping Danault at his current price for that reason, but anything more and we should cut him loose. Next season might be ugly, possibly the season after. But we have a decent core under contract through the next 4 seasons, and a nice cupboard full of prospects. Two years from now we could be really good, if we play our cards right. And thanks, I’ll check it out!
  20. I love MB, I think he’s an above average GM, but... It looks to me like his time is up. When we loose this series (like we look like we’re going to), I don’t see how he keeps his position. I don’t know who replaces him, and I hope they don’t blow it up too hard, but it’s definitely time for a change. I certainly see no reason to re-sign anyone not already under contract. I’d make an exception for Danault on the condition that it’s at his current salary (or less). If we can find a way to shed Price and Weber’s contracts, I think it’s time. Go into next year with Suzuki, Kotkaneimi, Evans and Poehling down the middle. Gallagher, Anderson, Toffoli, Caufield can fill out the rest of our top 6 for now. As for our bottom 6, we need to get tougher, meaner, nastier. It would be nice if we could pick up an extra 1st in either of the next 2 drafts. If we can find a trade partner for Petry, I say go for it. Next year won’t be pretty, but I think we can turn it around quick. With the way things have been this past year, it could be a good draft to steal a couple, so long as the person doing the selecting is competent. Speaking of which, I usually rely on the hockey news draft edition for my draft analysis, but it’s not out yet Any other suggestions for a good list of draft eligible’s?
  21. The French/English debate is complicated. I’m an Ontarian, so I’ve always been of the mind that Habs should hire the best available. But I’m not from Quebec and I don’t speak French. As I understand it, a large portion of Quebec speaks even less English than I do French, so there’s that. Also, there’s the history that goes into it as well, the politics. There’s a lot of variables. At the moment we have a French owner, GM and coach (and staff). We have 1 active French player and one on LTIR, both of which likely won’t be back next season. It almost looks as if we actively avoid players from the Q, at least in the first half of the draft. Often passing on what look like really promising prospects, that turn out to be excellent players, and you wonder “how did we miss that guy?”, when we should have been able to see better than anyone their potential. I think if we had a strong French core of players, there would be less pressure on every hire needing to be French. Also, a French President of hockey opps would likely be able to hire a non-French GM or Coach, particularly if he was a big enough personality that the press would be satisfied hearing from him. That said, it still might be a little much to pull off hiring both a non-French GM and coach. At the end of the day I think it boils down to the fact that Habs are Quebec’s team, but if the only thing French about it is the city it plays in, especially when the league is littered with French talent, both on and off the ice, it’s understandable that some Québécois take exception to it
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