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  1. Woohoo...there's no better way to start a day than watching the winning highlights.
  2. The Habs seem to copy the outcome of TB games in the semis, so we are due to a commanding victory .
  3. So far it works to wake up at 5am local time, think to myself: I hope the Habs are doing OK, and fall asleep again. I'll stick to this game plan.
  4. Congrats, who would have thought after that horrific start of tournament
  5. Just saw the highlites. What a way to start a day, great stuff. I woke up in the middle of the night and fiddling with a thought of going to watch it live...I'll save it for SC finals .
  6. Another ex-habs news. Plekanec just won with his native Kladno game 7 of play off finals of second highest czech league. Kladno advances to the highest league next season. BTW Kladno is owned by Jágr and Plekanec played with Jágr on #1 line.
  7. Three ex-habs have won Gagarin Cup in KHL with Omsk. Kovalchuk, Emelin and Sekáč. Emelin and Sekáč (ankle) weren't in the line up for the finals. And Emelin doesn't seem to require a liver transplant.
  8. It seems like a good idea not to start to watch this. Time in bed will be spent better.
  9. Good morning, gents, I'm here for the rest of a game
  10. Pretty good road trip. And now it's gonna be even better with home crowd support .
  11. Yes, I passed it... And was positive. Just before Christmas - lost taste and smell for 2 days... It was kinda weird to eat without those.
  12. Oh, silver... That'd be nice...
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