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  1. If PK is superior as you say then why did Canada play him as 6th D-man at Sochi Olympics for all of 5:00? They had no faith in him or willing to take the risk.
  2. PK wasn't much of factor in Preds playoff run. Everyone cries if he was still here how things would be different. Habs are still playing the same exact way now as they were when he was with Habs. Nothing would be any different at all. Don't get the appeal of PK to fanbase. Guess it's because he's young and hip.
  3. Not according to Bergevin who stated at start of the season Habs D is actually better then last season.
  4. No, I won't. PK was loose cannon - Taking such stupid penalties, turning over puck leading to goals and showboating. His supposed big shot never usually hit the net. I'll take Weber any day over PK. Don't see PK or Preds burning up the league.
  5. Bergevin knows how to build a team haha. Acquiring 3rd/4th liners, goons, d-man that suck (for someone who prides themselves on D), dumpster discount garbage. Drafting has been totally pathetic. One good young player they had was dealt away for Drouin, who has been a total bust. Bergevin was touting Drouin as mega superstar. Just think Habs could had Top 3 d pairing of Weber, Markov, Sergachev. He hasn't made a big trade except for PK/Weber and that was only because Preds approached him. 6+ yrs he's had to address the scoring woes but has failed to do instead offering up all sorts of excuses "It's all on me" "it's so hard to make a big trade" (this is laughable considering other teams are able to do it. If it's so hard then he shouldn't be GM), "we have everything we need in locker room", "we didn't win the division by accident. These things take time" - Really? 6+ yrs isn't enough time. Last but not least hiding before a plant. Look at his failed signings: Briere Semin Shaw Alzner Hemsky Streit Price - No goalie no matter how good they are isn't worth $10.5M per. Trade him and use the $$ elsewhere such as addressing scoring and D. Think back to that contract Vancouver gave Luongo. Even Luongo admitted himself contact he signed "sucked". Price is injury prone altho I don't believe he was injured again this time. Something more is going on. It's been kept real quiet. I'll believe independent reporter before believe any of these so-called reporters from mainstream media who are bought, owned and paid for. Bergevin has created 3 ring circus. Habs are laughing stock of NHL. How Molson has allowed this continue on for 6+ yrs is amazing. Not re-signing Radulov was epic failure considering scoring woes. Bringing back Therrien was another failure. He didn't work 1st time here and he failed with Pens despite having stacked roster. What is it with Habs and bringing back retreads (GM's, Coaches, Players) who didn't work 1st time. Bergevin is so arrogant for someone who hasn't won a thing in NHL. Larry Robinson wanted to return to Habs but Bergevin had no interest or class instead hiring his pal JJ Daigneault along with all his other friends.
  6. The way alot of fans are still going about PK trade like it's as bad as Roy trade. Not even close. MB is worst then Houle imo.
  7. Division is weak. Look at the standings right now with exception of TB and Leafs.
  8. Habs do nothing but go on winning streak and then losing streak. Been this way 6+ yrs.
  9. If the cycle continues Julian will be fired again and like last time replaced by Guy Garbonneau once again
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Molson has quietly secretly signed Bergevin to lifetime contract
  11. How was Weber/PK trade a mistake? Stats of both are identical. I don't see PK or Preds burning up NHL. I can't believe fans are still whining about it. Because PK donates $$ to hospital.
  12. Yes. Just highlights of the game on there. Entire game isn't on-line anywhere, either.
  13. How can you keep increasing price for a product when it has continued to get worst and worst 6+ yrs. No improvement at all. Same old story every season. Molson should be so embarrassed. If I was him, I would be. What kind of attitude is it for him to say "we just want to get into the playoffs and see what happens". He's hoping one of these yrs they go on some fluke playoff run. If somehow they do make the playoffs it'll be another early exit because they can't score - Just like all 6+ yrs because Beregvin refuses to address the scoring issue instead using every excuse "It's all on me" to "we have everything we need in locker room" to "it's so hard to make big trades" (yet other teams like Nashville have no problem doing so) to hiding behind plants. Being the most "active" GM in NHL doesn't mean anything at all.
  14. Actually, i'm trying to find a specific video clip of Youppi from Preds vs Habs when PK returned.
  15. Bergevin would be putting all in his eggs in one basket on Tavares. There's the chance either he re-signs with Isles or else deal him off at the deadline if he doesn't have any interest in re-signing with Isles. He had approx $8.4M or so in the off-season after what happened with Radulov/Markov but didn't spend any of that. Sure he will have $19M or so to spend with cap rising but it could be repeat of this off-season. He'll just end up signing usual garbage d-man, discount dumper sales he always goes after. For someone who prides themselves on D, he's acquires the biggest garbage there is. He's delusional to say this yr's D is much better then last yr. Get into the real world. Except for Weber rest of D is laughing stock of NHL.
  16. Instead of hiring the best person possible (regardless of language) hiring francophone to please political special interest groups is totally assine. Most of Habs Cup wins came with english speaking GM/Coach. Habs are really limiting their options by doing especially when they continue bringing back retreads that didn't work 1st time. French media and fanbase better get used to mediocrity and failure until the end of time until Habs change their ways or Quebec gets another team forcing Habs' hand. Amazing how tiny net of people can dictate this when they don't have own any portion of the team. French media are "yes man" that won't say a bad thing about Bergevin or Habs because if they do they will be "blacklisted" and/or find themselves unemployed. Today's media are bought and paid for by big business.
  17. Like acquiring more 3rd/4th liners, goons or garbage d-man at the deadline per his usual. He has $8M cap space but does nothing with it. All this talk about landing Tavares is laughable. Ain't happening. Beregvin doesn't have the set to do something like that, nor he is capable of doing so.
  18. Waiting until after the season is dumb because the candidates will likely be long gone. Julien Brisebois would be another retread as he was with Habs before. Just like Bergevin he's highly touted. No thanks. Hire someone experienced no matter what language they speak.
  19. How Molson has the nerve to quietly increase tickets price for this product is total joke. All the fans need to stop buying tickets, merchandise and supporting the team in every way until major changes occur.
  20. I have something new that isn't posted on here. But until I reach 100 posts can't do so
  21. Molson doesn't care about winning. 6+ yrs of failure with Bergevin along with excuses "It's all on me" to "everything we need is in the locker room" to hiding before a plant. Not making any big trades instead acquiring dumpster garbage. Such total arrogance and incompetence. He does nothing with $8M in cap space. Letting Radulov walk was a total failure followed up with his arrogant comment about Radulov leaving "If you want loyalty, buy a dog" What a class act. Bergevin's loyalty is to plants.
  22. Really is silly you have to make 100 posts before you can start a thread.
  23. Bergevin will be here for all the times. He's never leaving. Molson is clown that doesn't care about winning. Only making $$.
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