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  1. So I assume with the Canucks loss tonight the Habs Magic number is now 1, correct?
  2. I don't know about not liking the team but did you know that Molson sponsors the Leafs? I found out a few years ago that TSN Leafs games are called Molson Leafs hockey. So he literally helps our biggest rival win games and pay salaries. see link https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-maple-leafs-2016-17-regional-broadcast-schedule-1.572246?tsn-amp
  3. WTH happened? I watched the Habs go up 2-0 then had to go out but managed to get back home with 5 minutes left in the game and the Leafs are winning 3-2!
  4. Has anyone seen the lines from yesterday's practice?
  5. Are you ready for it? Here comes MB's response! Trades are hard, FA signings are hard, cap management is hard and roster moves are hard. We are doing our best to make things work. Once we get to the playoffs you know anything can happen!
  6. 250k Well spent if you ask me, although I agree with you that the whole situation is ridiculous.
  7. It wouldn't affect the NHL if they refused to play they are already out of the playoffs, at less than half capacity and only have 2 games left that don't really matter for them. IF they want to send a real statement to the league, take the ice let them drop the puck then skate off and not play the game leave 10000 fans in the building. Angry fans who just paid good money to see a hockey game will storm the league offices and flood emails and Twitter accounts forcing the league to take action.
  8. How sweet would it be if we not only won tonight but also became the reason that the Oilers overtake the Leafs in the standings?
  9. I just realized Anderson was a righty so his top hand would be his left LOL. I am a lefty and was thinking about how I cut to the net lol. Disregard the above lol
  10. I don't think Anderson will do well on his off wing. It's easier for power forwards to protect the puck with their bodies by extending their sticks with their top hands while they drive for the net. Its much tougher to use your bottom hand while driving the net on the wrong wing. Pure shooters like CC don't usually have that issue as they seldom drive the net the same way. That's why CC should be on his oof wing instead of Anderson IMO.
  11. Weber out the rest of this week and perhaps next week as well according to DD https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/canadiens-shea-weber-miss-least-rest-week/sn-amp/
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but I think players who have been on the IR for 60+ games and are deemed to have potential career ending injuries are expansion draft exempt regardless of whether or not they need protection. So to answer you question yes and no.
  13. Montreal will keep rolling 4-1 Habs Caufield, Petry, Toffoli and Armia are the goal scorers. Edit** I thought about adding a Harty for CC but thought better of it at this point lol
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