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  1. KK is my favorite Hab right now but IF we can get Eichel after he has recovered from surgery I'd give up KK. Before Surgery not so much, maybe you look at a 1 for 1 for Zuke or KK before surgery but I am not sure I would still want to take that gamble. Also if you listened to the podcast the doctor says that 70% of NFL players who had disc replacement surgery returned to the NFL. That means 30% were not able to return to play. You really want to give up what equates to 4 1sts for a 30% chance he never returns to play? I wouldn't.
  2. And here is why I wouldn't pursue Eichel until he is fully recovered from surgery IF at all. The Dr. being interviewed says that in the NFL 70% return to play. If you are giving up a significant package for a player on a 10 Mil contract for 6 more years then you want to get your money's worth and IF I have to give up KK + Guhle + 1st + Byron + Lehky + 3rd then I want more than a 70% chance of return to play. Most I would give up before a return to play is a couple of 1sts, a couple of prospects and a cap offset like Drouin or Byron. Maybe something like Drouin + 2022 2nd becomes a 1st if Eichel plays in 50+ games in the regular season + 2023 1st + Guhle + Farrell. After recovery his value increases to about what the Sabres are asking though IMO. Here is a link to the podcast with the surgeon. https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/31-thoughts/why-eichel-wants-a-disc-replacement/
  3. From Freidman 2 days ago https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.gohabsgo.com/articles/update-regarding-jack-eichel-to-habs-trade/amp/
  4. I like your thinking on Wideman, I feel like he is going to be super motivated this year which could work out well for us. I would also like to see the Habs go back to a traditional 3F 2D PP on the second unit. My 1st unit would be Caufield-Gallagher-Armia Suzuki-Petry Kotkaniemi-Toffoli-Hoffman Romanov-Wideman I have Hoffman and Caufield on their off wings strictly for 1 timers. Gally ND Toffoli in Bumper Position/net front. Armia is a shooting option and Zuke PP QB with Petry as a second QB. KK as halfwall QB and shooting option and Romy can be a shooter from the back end while Wideman QB's from the back end. We seemed to give up an awful lot of odd man rushes on the PP last year so having 2 D on the second unit hopefully fixes that.
  5. Barring any trades I think we line up Toffoli/Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Kotkaniemi-Gallagher/Anderson Lehkonen/Toffoli-Evans/New Center-Anderson-Gallagher Lehkonen/Byron-Parrault/Evans-Armia/Lehkonen Edmundson-Petry Romanov-Savard Chiarot-Wideman I think we make a move or two though. I think Drouin and Byron are gone up front and Chiarot on the back end. We need a C and RD. I would try to see if Colorado would go Drouin + Chiarot for Jost + Johnsson and give either Guhle, Norlinder or Kulak a shot at 2 or 3 LHD. Our lineup becomes Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Armia-Jost-Gallagher Byron-Evans-Lehkonen Perrault-Paquette Edmundson-Petry Romanov-Savard Guhle/Norlinder/Kulak-Johnsson Wideman If Guhle or Norlinder make the team Kulak gets moved for a 4th. Price Allen Sorry for the book LOL
  6. Farrell is a center and fits with the rebuild. The issue with Farrell is his height. At 5'8" he might not make it as a top 6 NHL center.
  7. I would like to keep JK as our C depth even with Eichel is still thin with Evans as 3 and Paquette as 4. I wonder if we could go Drouin + Farrell + Guhle/Norlinder + 2023 1st
  8. No he is not but an offer was reported as being offered. Also KK and Lehky have not resigned yet to my knowledge. I was just looking at what we could look like lol
  9. CapFriendly has Norlinder listed in Laval this season. Not sure if that means much but it certainly suggests that he has some sort of out clause.
  10. Sorry I meant to put Paquette Perry as the 13th and 14th forwards and Poehling to AHL
  11. FA is winding down and our lineup currently looks something like this Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Drouin-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Hoffman-Evans-Gallagher Lehkonen-Paquette-Armia Byron-Perry Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-Savard Romanov-Wideman Kulak Price Allen Looking at our lineup there are 2 clear needs 1. A decent 3 or 4 center 2. A middle pairing RHD Can we patch those holes in 2 trades and stay under the cap? I propose 2 moves. 1. What about helping the Jets? They need cap space and a middle 6 winger. Send Lehkonen + 2022 3rd (Anaheim) + 2023 2nd (Montreal) for Copp + DeMelo. Sign Copp for between 3-4 Mil long term 2. Arizona needs defensemen so what about Byron + Kulak + 2022 3rd (Montreal) for Dzingle + 2022 2nd (NYI) Now our lineup becomes Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Copp-Gallagher Drouin-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Dzingle-Evans-Armia Perry-Poehling Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-DeMelo Romanov-Savard Wideman Price Allen KK and Copp lines could also swap positions (KK's becomes 2nd line, Copp's 3rd)
  12. Could you imagine a how much of a scoring threat Hoffman-Suzuki-Caufield will be?
  13. Ok I didn't know where to post this question/concern, so here we go. Read through the Timmins interview about our draft picks and while everything seemed like the standard answer one comment caught my attention. His final line in his response to why the Habs selected Mailloux. I am paraphrasing but essentially he said "We are looking forward to seeing him at training camp". Does this mean that they are hoping the whole thing blows over by then and management thinks that they already have a possible replacement for Weber? I would hope not, I didn't mind drafting Mailloux but at least make him earn the trust back before giving him a legitimate shot at a roster spot.
  14. Yeah that's why I put him with the very responsible KK lol
  15. Question for everyone. Would you consider taking on Skinners contract of a deal was structured like this? Skinner (no retention) + Peterka + 2022 1st (Florida) for Chiarot + Byron. Perhaps we could get an additional peice or two from Buffalo but I don't think I would turn down that, would you? We need scoring help on the LW Skinner provides that. We would also have to make other moves. Something like Drouin for Timmins 1 for 1. Dunn for Harris+ Hillis + 3rd and then some signings, Dunn at 4 Mil x 5 years, Wennberg 3.5 Mil x 7 years, Wideman 850k x 2 years, Brickley 850k x 1 year. Resign Perry 850k x 2 years, Lehkonen 2.5 Mil x 5 years, Poehling 1 Mil x 2 years. Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Skinner-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Peterka-Wennberg-Gallagher Lehkonen-Evans-Perry Poehling Edmundson-Petry Dunn-Timmins Romanov-Wideman Kulak Brickley Price Allen That all still leave Montreal with 3.4 Mil in cap space to make changes at the deadline or to save for 2022 offseason to resign Suzuki, Romanov and Evans.
  16. Yes I know that is sort of my point. If this had happened in N.A. Mailloux's identity would likely have never been released. I am not sure what the penalty is here for invasion of privacy or defliamtion but I would imagine it is about the same as in Sweden (fine or at the most some community service). This wouldn't have even made the news due to the fact that Mailloux was a young offender at the time. As I said before there are 3 reasons this is even a story. 1. International incident. 2. The video was sexual in nature. 3. The offender was male. Remove any one of those 3 elements and the story dies. If the video showed a woman fully clothed bending over and the kid zoomed in on her butt the charge would be the same but the story dies cause there is nothing interesting to keep it going. If it happened in Canada or the U.S. the story dies cause the names can't be released under the Y.O. act. If the young lady was the one sharing the video the story dies because who cares about males rights. This was just the perfect scenario for the media to run with the story.
  17. It's not just the league or teams here Ted, IMO the PA is just as much to blame. They are supposed to represent the players and future players but they stood by and let Mailoux enter the draft even though he requested to be left out. There is so much blame to go around that I just can't get behind further punishing the kid for his actions. If you want to fine the Canadiens or void their selection than so be it take that action against the organization, allow the young lady to file a law suit against the league and PA to help facilitate changes. I could get behind that as well. I can't get behind further action against the young man that already paid his debt to society even if said debt was just a fine and a three line apology. Let the young lady and Mailoux move on and forward with their lives and take issue with the league, PA and Canadiens.
  18. Actually Ted if this had been a normal every day kid in our society, his name would never have been released and we wouldn't have heard about it on the news for the last 3 months. The young offenders act would have protected his identity. Therefore in this case fame is actually working against this kid not in his favour.
  19. Fair points Ted and I agree with you that the culture needs to change. The issue for me though is that many fans claim to be advocating for her and wanting justice for her. However, it is being reported that all she wants or needs to move on is a sincere apology. So by removing him from the draft or whatever else is being called upon by the public is not being done for this young lady it is to serve the publics vengeance. If you want to stop the unethical treatment of women in our society. There are better ways to advocate for that than to try to make an example out of this one kid for his immature actions. Implement counseling or education programs at the lower levels of hockey to educate the youth before incidents like this happen. Set forth standards and codes of conduct at the all levels of hockey and penalties for violating said codes. Choose to set the example through education rather than through vengeance.
  20. Yes, exactly. What is best for everyone is just to try to move forward. What's done is done, the media is the only ones benefitting from keeping the incident in the publics eye. They don't care about the victim, fans or Mailloux himself they only care about keeping the headlines going for as long as they can cause controversy sells.
  21. I also wanted to add on to the end of my previous comment. We all know that Mailloux's apology was 3 lines and seemed insincere but what we don't know is why it was only 3 lines. Perhaps this was at the advice of his counsel or manager. Maybe he was advised (correctly or incorrectly) to keep it short and sweet so as to not make the court feel like he was mocking them with a long tear filled apology. Perhaps his agent or counsel have advised him not to contact this young lady again and this is why he has not issued a more sincere apology. We are not privy to what is happening behind the scenes here. We all know that agents and PR departments and lawyers vet what players say especially when there are legal issues involved.
  22. I understand that you are upset with the team and the optics of the situation. However where does it stop? When does the punishment from a court ever feel adequate enough to the victim or their family? Do you think a victim of a sexual assault would be comforted by having their attacker sentence to 10 years instead of 5? Would the family of a murder victim be happier seeing the guilty party get the death penalty than 25 years in jail. The fact of the matter is we have courts to doll out punishment and determine guilt and innocence. Mailloux plead guilty he paid his dues in the eyes of the court, he will be ridiculed and judged everytime he walks out his front door. Should we go through the prison systems of the world dolling out punishments that society feels is fair instead of what the courts felt was just? How does the length of an apology make it more or less sincere? No one except Mailloux knows whether or not his apology was sincere we can only guess. Perhaps he was too ashamed to write more or perhaps he felt like there was nothing he could say to adequately describe how he felt or the regret he felt. Perhaps he didn't care or was not remorseful. Only Mailloux can answer those questions and whether he answers them truthfully or not is another factor to consider. Society want reconing not justice. They need to feel like Mailloux has served enough punishment in THEIR EYES. This is not about the victim this is about the optics. What the victim said she wanted was an apology she felt was sincere not him to go updraft or pay for his transgressions to the publics satisfaction. Just an apology.
  23. I don't agree with your saying there were "no consequences" he plead guilty to the charges which means he owned up to them and the consequences are two-fold. 1. He received a fine for his crime, by a court of law. Which the court and both attorneys felt was adequate punishment so who are we to say it was not enough. 2. He will be dealing with his own degree of embarrassment and public scrutiny for years to come so on a personal level he is feeling the consequences, so I ask again who are we to judge that that is not enough of a consequence as well? You also said that we should have given the kid a year to figure himself and his issues out. However since it has already been 8 months, what you are really saying is he needs at least 2 years. Why do we get to determine what is an adequate amount of time for the kid? If he is ready to move on and he indicated this in his pre-draft interview why should we question that? Society forgets that we have laws and courts to deal with and pass judgment on these types of issues.
  24. You said "waiting a year would have showed the victim that the crime was not completely ignored." Would you be shocked to know that this "crime" not "sexual crime" occurred 8 months ago? So the Canadiens did give the young lady pretty much a full year to start to put her life back on track while also giving Mailloux pretty much a full year to contemplate his actions and seek counseling to help better himself. You are entitled to your opinion and I am not judging you for it. In my view this whole situation has been blown way out of proportion and everyone involved be it fans, the media, the young lady and even Mailloux needs to be able to put it behind them. It took the media almost a year to even pickup the story and the only reason they did is because the season was winding down and the draft was starting to get media attention.
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