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  1. The torch is flickering after a brief period of burning brightly.
  2. IMO the list is about as good as possible under the circumstances.
  3. We deserved to be in the final, TB just has a very good hockey team.
  4. Chiarot has 3 shots on goal, our 4 centres have..........3 shots on goal.
  5. Petry did not play well, hung his partners out to dry at least 4 times, CC was rookie ordinary. Agree Danault was a beast, Chairot & Weber were OK and Perry played well. Agree with the rest. He is on the same team as Kulak.
  6. Yep, we are a better team tonight with Carey on the bench.
  7. ^^^^ some good suggestions.......... IMO much better than your D choices. I don't know how much Tatar would help. He is small and generally plays small. His past play-off production is roughly 50% of what he gives you in the regular season so he is more of a Maple Leaf type player. However, perhaps he is angry sitting and it is a contract year for him so he may provide a spark but I hate sitting Perry.
  8. You have said a lot of things all along..........it shows you do know about the blind squirrel and the nut.
  9. We score two goals in two games and a defenceman has scored one of them. Yep our defencemen are clearly the problem. The calls to put Kulak & Romanov in, oh my heart soars looking forward to two guys floundering about trying to find where they should be and getting there about 3 seconds late. Romanov should get better when he decides to accept coaching but Kulak is what he is...... Merrill or Gustafsson light. TB has more talent (you do get what you conspire to pay for) and they play tough, gritty play-off hockey but our guys are leaving everything on the ice so I am a happy camper. We went into this series knowing we were the underdogs and required outstanding goaltending and a few breaks just to compete so why is everyone so upset about a couple of mistakes by our D? TB's defencemen have made more errors than our guys but their goaltender is playing very well and we just don't have the offensive talent to capitalize on each mistake they make. Carey picks up his game a notch, our forwards crash the net even more, add a couple of breaks and we go back to TB to start a best of three. I am a Canadiens' fan so I realize I see them through rose tinted glasses but they are giving me a very enjoyable spring/summer in the autumn of my life.
  10. Steep learning curve for Suzuki & CC tonight. They have to be and will be better in game two. Hopefully Armia will check back in replacing Evans.
  11. The 1919 Cup finals between the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans ended with no winner declared due to the Canadiens being decimated by illness in that pandemic. Montreal offered to forfeit the series but Seattle refused the offer in a display of sportmanship. One Canadien player, Joe Hall, unfortunately died. Lets hope Armia is the only one from both teams to test positive in this years final.
  12. Now we wait each day with bated breath for the next round of test results. Per ardua ad astra.
  13. Your ability to find trivia supporting whichever team is the overwhelming series favourite against Montreal is mildly interesting. However, that ability does give you the nebulous benefit of a seat on numerous bandwagons which you must enjoy.
  14. IMO Bergeron put together a hockey team for the play-offs and our coaches brought the rookies along nicely giving them the opportunity to succeed. Our D core of Percheron warhorses aren't as pretty as the Arabians coveted by analytic enthusiasts but they are providing our goaltender the chance to be the goaltender he is paid to be. I hope we win but if we lose in the finals I won't blame the refs, management, coaches or players. It has been a good run against all odds much like my favourite all time team......the 1948 RCAF Flyers who did succeed in the end..
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