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  1. I would think that CC may have just entered the NHL records book. You have to give DD some credit for bench management in this game.
  2. See Perry scoop up the puck after CC's first goal to ensure CC got his souvenir. Good on him.
  3. Great play by Perry on PP goal, takes puck off the boards to Petry heads for net and provides screen for Suzuki.
  4. Hope we get a better Allen this period.
  5. He couldn't score so he would have fit right in with most of our forwards.
  6. Price, Gallagher, Tatar, Drouin, and Byron out. Staal, Frolik, Cauffield, and Perry forced to play more minutes than would be appropriate and playing a rested team after playing 4 games a week for what seems forever.....I'm not giving up on this team. A few healthy players back, a couple of days rest and then play a team that is heavily favoured but is known to perspire when the games mean something.......bring it on.
  7. Given the play of JK, Caufield, Romanov and Suzuki, I would say no.
  8. Sorry if you took my comment on spelling for more than it was intended, My family and I lived in the USA for a few years while serving on an exchange tour with the USAF and when writing official correspondence I was always corrected by my American boss for using "colonial" english and not the correct American spelling gained by a free nation. It was done in jest and I took it as such. I didn't intend to give the inference that where you're from matters in anything other than in the way we spell differently. Sorry again if you took offence.
  9. A lot of words using selective stats to promote an interesting theory. Thank you for explaining what playing defence is. Your non-fictional opinion that Kulak is our best defenceman is intriguing but it will not change my fictional ( I have been called worst) opinion based on absolutely nothing but watching him play. If you are an American like Capt Welly. For us north of the 49th we have a defence..........ugh even worst than the spelling police!
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