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  1. I agree with both of you plus the bottom 2 wingers are Armia at right, Lehkonen at Left & RW and an expensive Byron for injury support. Byron recently penned a thank you support letter to the fans so I wonder if he’s been told that he might be on the trading block vs. possibly trading Drouin at low value. Include Poehling who can also back up at Centre/LW, I just feel Paulie is odd man out. At LHD, Chiarot Edmundson Romanov and Kulak and RHD - Petry, Savard, Romanov, possibly Brook and Wideman, it would seem prudent that Kulak or Chiarot with one year remaining should be considered as trade bait
  2. That’s a good question- I agree that Romanov is better on his natural left but he’s quite talented to play right. The issue on left is we don’t really have a LHD that can effectively play the power play - Dunn would fill that need as I don’t think Norlinder or any of our future prospects jumps into that for the next 2 years, unless Romanov further emerges. We have overlap at LHD with Chiarot, Edmundson, Kulak which crowds Romanov. Petry by default is our RHD puck mover and first unit PP D - nice to have more but not enough?
  3. The Krakken have 3-5 solid LD players besides Dunn as an RFA. I wonder what the asking price would be for him. Paul Byron and a draft pick? We have some potential at LW now, with Drouin (Assuming healthy return), Toffoli, Hoffman, Lehkonen and RW seems to be set with Gallagher, Anderson, Caufield, Armia - Byron would seem to be expensive retention (press box) unless MB decides to sell low on Drouin who has a 3 team no trade list. 3rd line / 4th line centre IMO is still suspect as Paquette / Poehling are question marks behind Suzuki, KK, and Evans.
  4. Ha Ha - The Laff fans must be seething on how much little Harry Potter paid to acquire Foligno at the trade deadline prior to us bouncing them in the playoffs. Four games, 1 assist and a fight with Corey Perry for a 2021 first round draft choice,
  5. SOBeeatch - bring back Subban at partial salary retention - at least he donates to the hospital! Savard-Alzner is going to irritate me - Suter seems like a better bargain
  6. Entirely agree - $5.5M for a 3rd line centre is overpriced - I could hear the boo birds coming out for him, if he signed here and did not put up some reasonable points. We cannot keep signing these fringe players like Savard, Pacquette, Wideman as recovery reclamation basement stuff - we need to make a trade or a big splash to fill a part of Weber's shoes and upgrade some scoring. I hope Bergevin can push his hair aside and open his eyes and the Molson wallet
  7. All signs to me point Carolina as resigning Hamilton. They currently have 3 LD one of whom is Jake Gardner who I am surprised they haven’t bought out and admitted their mistake, and one RD. Unbelievable they let Jake bean go as well. Seems to me the Canes need Hamilton very badly.
  8. Vancouver with its buyout of Holtby has $26m in cap room - an offer for Petterson is likely to be easily matched
  9. I suspect Weber goes on LTIR - if he were to outright retire, the cap space would only be $7.3M since we get hit with some recapture penalty if the NHL enforces that front loaded deal he received - Nashville has to be shaking in their skates as they get walloped with massive cap hits for several years to come
  10. There goes Landeskog - 8 years at $7m per - to the Avs
  11. Landeskog rumored to have 7 year $7m per offer from Colorado- that’s not rich but a good value proposition
  12. Good utility power forward - he seems a good fit on the team and only a slight overpay - imo by maybe $400k. You know what you get with Joel vs gambling on some other replacement
  13. I don't like trading within the division - why empower Buffalo to get out of their mess and he's another over priced reclamation project that we "hope" will return to form at $9M - It is funny how we as fans now appreciate the cap system - we used to like players for their ability now we measure ability relative to the cap.
  14. Agree on your first 3 sentences. There's a slight difference to your 4th sentence - all of the transgressions by the players you mentioned happened when they were representing the NHL and had the riot act read to them upon joining their respective teams with proper media and ethics / behaviour training by professional personnel - Montreal or Vancouver respectfully as a condition of their employment. Sure it sounds like I am defending the kid or trying to lessen or excuse his behaviour but who knows whether his parents, billets or coaches where he was playing in 3rd division of Sweden provided him with any surrounding support? Perhaps they just toseed him to the wolves. He should have had a proper moral compass then but maybe he got caught up in trying to impress an older crowd as a 17 year old. Again not excusing his behaviour just trying to understand the environment he was in before throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  15. Astute observations on all the culture aspects and his potential does not excuse his actions. I, my wife and 2 adult daughters are sick of the richie-rich privileged syndrome where they seem to skirt a lot of punishment, and play the forgiveness card. That said, the reports I read on him differ substantially from yours. He would have played in the OHL this season had they had a season, and instead took the risk to play in 3rd division men's hockey in Sweden. At 6-3, 214 lbs and one of the more younger in his draft class at April birthday, he is a raw product - ranked #23 by Central scouting North American skaters and #35 by Bob McKenzie, so he was selected in or around our pick based on pure ability. Someone in our scouting dept. or MB overruled, that there was a risk in waiting until our #62 pick. I am not condoning their actions, and believe there were alternatives but need at RHD, the greed for a high ceiling, had to have overruled the character aspects. I understand why they chose this pick, but do not in any way condone the selection. Character should have overruled.
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