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  1. I hate to say it but perhaps the worst thing that could happen is for the habs to upset the leafs - it just validates Bergevin's bad plan of outdated veterans and lack of vision - there had to be some players that were more help than Staal, Merrill and Gustafson. I am not saying blow the team up, but I am the broken record of chanting get rid of spare parts and commit to more youth thru the draft or trades. I realize we are likely to pick mid-round again and if there's something we should take more chances on, it is trading up or getting higher picks in this year's crap shoot draft OR getting
  2. IMO Staal has to turn it up a few notches in the first 2 playoff games. If his performance continues to be flat and Danault is able to play, then PD, NS, KK and Jake Evans become the 4 centres and we live with the consequences with Speed over experience. Byron may even be an option at Centre.
  3. Unfortunate - but agree he was very unlikely to play in the playoffs but now Bergevin is going defend why he has brought Eric Staal into the organization. Certainly wish Poehling a healthy recovery to challenge for a spot next year as a 3rd liner.
  4. I think we are pretty rested as we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory
  5. Frolik has added absolutely nothing - he’s riding the taxi squad soon. There must be something they don’t like about Brooks’ game as Merrill is a POS
  6. Caufield moved up to top line - off wing. KK moved to 4th line
  7. I have commented on Bean and Dunn trades in the State of the Habs folder and would agree with you that they would make great targets of value - I would even push Jordan Harris into the mix vs. Fleury with a pick for a Dunn or Bean. The Wild have had a great year this year - Since they have 2 first round picks, one 2nd and two 3rd round picks, that they can sweeten a retention deal with the Krakken to keep Dumba - I don't see a rising prospect like Poehling and a reclamation project like Drouin being enough for Dumba. Hey if we got one of your Bean / Dunn scenarios and keep Allen, that's a grea
  8. Hard to imagine the Jets going into such a funk - the toughest thing in sports IMO is to finally knock out your opponent, but I think Winnipeg pulls it off tonight and lays out the Flames. Given that Lucic just waived his NMC now vs. waiting, just seems to be a sign that they are mailing it in. Winnipeg does have the easier schedule playing Vancouver twice and the pesky Sens. I'm just hoping the Habs can finish on an upswing. We do have 2 extra days of rest finishing our season before the Laffs.
  9. My wish too - I think he gets a 1 year stay of execution - his promise to Molson was to get them into the playoffs and he will deliver on that.
  10. Leaving Weber exposed is the right and logical thing to do with respect to youth and value of other d-men. I would hope MB’s head would prevail over his heart and “mon capitaine” / respect attachments. Yes I could see him doing this as Petry (NMC) Kulak for value and likely Edmundson given his recent FA contract would be the choices. Seattle given its cap room and the financial low future cash value per season of Weber’s contract could still have a very tradeable asset if they even retained salary on him in the future. it does come down to how well does Weber perform in the playoffs.
  11. I hope Bergevin learns from that and doesn't tie himself to veterans in the future - not to mention Merrill and Gustafson haven't added much with their so called "experience". While you need some veterans like Perry, Petry and others for support, an excess is not what we need. Romanov and KK both made some mistakes last night but as fans we can live with that in the short term, as long as they don't turn into Galchenyuks.
  12. Oh man that is so on sportsnet Ontario’s love in with him
  13. As much as I want to see Primeau come up, I sure hope we don’t lose Allen in the Krakken draft. Would love to see Carey’s NMC waived but I think that’s quite wishful thinking even with some salary retained
  14. The Bell Centre fans are going to love this CC kid- that roar would be nuts!
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