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  1. I believe it's time to move on..MB should be replaced 8 years on the job and not a very good record for 8 years..Yes we have some young and up coming young players. Look at other clubs they went through times like we have but haven't been this bad over an 8 year span and they have went through a rebuild. Fans are not showing up to the games attendance is down. I say replace him before he starts to make more trades and puts the club in a longer rebuild then we have experienced..Just my two cents but I'm a frustrated loyal fan...8 years and still not going to make the playoffs..
  2. Nick, through the course of the year has gotten better, he's gotten use to the size and speed of the NHL. Nick can play both ends of the rink, another reason he should be nominated for the Calder cup. Through interviews of his teammates he is well respected all great credentials to win the Rookie of the year. Go get it Nick..
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