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  1. Many thanks for your replies - much appreciated! I live in the UK myself - my mother's side of the family moved over here from Canada in the early 1960s. My grandmother passed away some years ago and I "inherited" the puck. Her daughter (my mum) has said that the 1/5 is actually vs for versus , and I did wonder if the signature was Jean Beliveau's but coming from zero knowledge I didn't want to assume anything. Under a magnifying glass the line under the signature is definitely ink. The rest of the story with my grandmother catching it was that there was a Frenchman next to her who also
  2. Hi - newbie here, but I have a bit of memorabilia which I'd like to share with you and would love someone in-the-know to help me out on.... My grandmother was a Canadiens fan and often went to see them play in the 1950s. During one match, she caught a puck when it was hit out of play, and afterwards got one of the players to sign it. I have been trying to decipher the writing on it and so far I have got that it was against the Detroit Red Wings, probably in 1958, and possibly the score was 1/5. It certainly would have been played at the Montreal Forum. So after a bit of internet researc
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