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  1. Wasn't there an injury thread last year? Looks like we could use one now...
  2. I'm not really disappointed in Max's play so far this year. Sure the goals have eluded him, but he shouldn't even be playing right now if he healed at the pace of a normal human being. On top of that, counting tonight he's got 8 points in 10 games which is not too shabby, especially considering the poor play of his linemates. Edit: Sorry, I just realized you were talking about Cole, not Max.
  3. Before the last few games though, he wasn't even moving his feet so it's a slight improvement. But yeah, still poor overall.
  4. He's still not playing well, but I think he's at least starting to show some speed.
  5. CBC is streaming the Habs/Flyers game online. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockeynightincanada/video/live/#id=2323996751
  6. CBC is streaming it on their site. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockeynightincanada/video/live/#id=2323996751
  7. Bryz has actually started and finished all 14 games for the Flyers so far. Let’s hope Boucher is very rusty. Edit, sorry, my bad. Had the stats filter turned on NHL.com. Boucher has played 33 minutes this season, Leighton 59.
  8. I don't see why they'd choose to show the Habs game. The Leafs + Sens fan base in Canada (outside of Quebec) is likely far larger than the Habs fan base alone.
  9. Any ideas as to how the ice times will be split tonight between the 2nd and 3rd lines? Last game we had: Prust (15:02) – DD (17:15) – Cole (16:53) Patches (13:06) – Galchenyuk (11:37) – Gallagher (10:38) Tonight, DD and Galchenyuk have effectively swapped places. I'm thinking that means more of a 50/50 split in ice between the two lines, but I suppose there's the possibility that it simply means Galchenyuk and DD swap minutes. Any thoughts?
  10. So why the return to the full cage? I realize he has that old injury from the KHL and it's why he can't fight, but he's had that injury for awhile. He didn't wear the cage last year, so why now?
  11. Spacek was just traded to the Hurricanes for Kaberle. Wow.
  12. Monster game by Spacek tonight. He may be a step slow, but he's obviously a very positive influence on the rest of the D corps.
  13. Personally I enjoyed hearing Don Cherry apologize last night. I'm not sure if he had a choice at this point, but if nothing else he's a man who is sincere and believes what he says. I really do think it was sincere too. If you take a closer listen, you can tell the apology was mostly directed towards Grimson and Nilan, who both never said they wanted fighting banned nor did they try to link any of their current problems on their past jobs as enforcers. Cherry really got the facts wrong on them, and I do think he was genuinely sorry for it. As for Thomson, Cherry really only apologized for thr
  14. I have admittedly been a pretty big Cherry fan in the past, but he's even starting to get to me now. Obviously you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt and form your own opinions, but he's going too far nowadays. It's too bad because I think he really does have some good points on certain issues. He's been a big proponent of touch icing, soft-cap equipment, getting rid of the seamless glass, stanchion redesign, etc. In many ways he's been about changing things to make hockey safer while still allowing players to be as physical as they need to be, of which I am 100% in agreement
  15. I feel bad for thinking it, but this could be a blessing in disguise. I would think that if Yemelin can realize some of his potential, he is much more valuable to the team long term than Campoli. A top 6 of Markov, Subban, Gorges, Gill, Yemelin, and Spacek/Diaz may not be too bad.
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