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  1. I want a GM that doesn't hire his bff as headcoach.
  2. Bergevins moves and lack of moves in the last two years have been disappointing. Now he calls up someone who has 2 goals in the AHL to try and help the big club score.
  3. It depends on the role. If the Habs need a bottom six forward then Tangradi is the best option to be called up. I missed the game he played that everyone seems to be talking about and it seems like it's just an unfortunate thing that happened that has now defined him which is wrong. He's a big guy that can skate, use his size well, battles for the puck and goes to the net on top of being defensively responsible. The next guy in line should be Bowman but Therrien doesn't seem to like him very much.
  4. He got 4th line minutes again last night with only 11:11. My guess is that Therrien will make him another healthy scratch to make room for Moen and Bourque.
  5. But will he get more than 4th line minutes?
  6. So we're about to lose the "sweepstakes" because Therrien refuses to play him anymore than 4th line minutes.
  7. If he was so hurt that he couldn't even shoot the puck then that's just as bad as him coasting through the playoffs. Players should be able to know the point where they're so hurt that they're also hurting the team.
  8. He's too busy thinking about that big contract coming his way this summer.
  9. You guys may be proud of the Habs this season but I'm definitely not. They mailed it in the second they clinched a playoff spot. Problems arose from the net out and even to the coaches where they made questionable decisions all over the place. Then the playoffs came around and they tried to goon it up and turn the series into a media war rather than focus on their own game. Then injuries started rolling in and the complete lack of depth in this organization made its appearance. Sure they made progress from last season and won the division this season but they blew it when it counted.
  10. So how many suspensions for the Habs after last night? Plus the line brawl started by Whites two-handed slash.
  11. That's smart. Way to kill any potential momentum to start the game.
  12. Yes, Markov, Alfredsson is the guy on Ottawa you want to give extra room in front of Price.
  13. I'm pretty impressed with his play so far in Montreal. I feel kind of left out that he didn't look anywhere close to this in Hamilton.
  14. I'm guessing that's to help ensure a Habs/Leafs match up in the first round.
  15. I know this is becoming off topic but he was playing pretty well with Geoffrion and Engqvist. It's when he wasn't playing with both of those players it started to become a problem as he relied too much on them for his game to stay at that level of play. I honestly don't even know what's going on anymore. I just want a new team.
  16. Nattinen has been a healthy scratch/injured for most of the season it seems and he hasn't shown much in the last 2 years. Vail could possibly be in contention for that 3rd line role when it opens up if he's given a larger role with the Bulldogs next season. I just noticed Vail just turned 19 years old in March so he'll likely be too far behind to fight for a spot with Bournival.
  17. He seems more of a hard worker than a skilled type of player. He'll skate hard, battle for pucks along the boards, and occasionally block shots. He's shown some flashes of skill here and there but it's not consistent. I see him spending another year or two in Hamilton with a few short call-ups before getting a legitimate chance in Montreal.
  18. In my opinion Pateryn has been the Bulldogs best defenceman this season.
  19. I'd give him two or three years. This is a player who's been a consistent goal scorer throughout his career and that's something the team definitely needs. There's no way a UFA is going to sign a one year deal unless it has a massive value.
  20. His point totals are a reflection of his overall game this season. This is a player I was hoping would stand out from the rest in a good way but it just isn't happening. Maybe next season I guess?
  21. I've just been saying what I see and what I think of things. It may seem like I'm hard on the guys in Hamilton but it's just frustrating seeing the terrible coaching with Lefebvre. I've been attending Bulldogs games for the 17 years they've been here and this is the first season where I have not seen any improvement from almost every player. This is supposed to be a major developmental stage for prospects but it just isn't happening with this coaching staff.
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