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  1. Let's face it. The only way things will possibly change is if the team misses the playoffs and maybe, just maybe MB is fired. Enough is enough......
  2. Focus turns toward the first time in a long while the Leafs will make it outta the first round because we have ZERO chance....
  3. The desperate moves made to bring in some of these players is terribly predictable and usually don't pan out.
  4. How does OLD MAN IN A ROCKING CHAIR leave a forward that wide open in front of the net???
  5. Brutal and oh so predictable.
  6. If anyone thinks this team is suddenly gonna grow a set come playoffs they must be related to MB or drinking the same kool aid he is....
  7. Nothing like putting a band aid to this roster every year because of MB thinking we are in the cusp of contending. But oh no, let's not do a rebuild and suffer for a few years. Suffer for a few years? So what have we been doing all this time?
  8. I really hope DD, oooops, I mean CC, gets his first goal soon. Did I just say that?
  9. So far I am not so impressed with CC, but I am sure as I hit enter he'll score a goal, probably, lol
  10. As much as I hate to see them lose, I suspect, (crossing fingers) that this would be the last straw for MB and his absolutely horrible attempt at making this team win.
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