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Although many posters here don't know about or don't use this feature, there is an area on this forum that allows each and every member to create their own blog. You can find these blogs by navigating through the link in the menu bar near the top of the page (right below the "Fan Forum" banner). Most of us here follow the Habs via other websites (twitter, media outlets, rumor sites, and yes blogs as well), and now we want to give you the fans of the Montreal Canadiens a chance to have your say. Essentially we are asking you to be the journalist and create your own blog posts.

Each week, we are going to try to feature a blog or article written by one of our members in this space on the forum as well. It can be about anything hockey-related, but should go into more depth than the typical post would.

If you are interested in being our journalist of the week, please send me a PM to let me know, as well as giving me the title of the topic you would like to write about. We are going to try to post new blogs every weekend, but we would also ask that the article be sent to us to be proof-read by the Thursday before it goes up. Similarly, should you be following a member's blog and find an entry extremely interesting, please forward this on to one of the moderating team, and we may just decide to use this for our blog of the week instead.

Entry #3 comes straight to your computer from Saskatchewan and our very own Hall-of-Famer, HRF. Enjoy!

Big Ted,

On behalf of the moderating team

Blog #3: Saturday Night In Saskatchewan

Dedicated to my grandfather

It was the late 70's & I was a young lad living in Regina. Every Saturday I would go to visit my grandparents. This was a special time in my life. We would do various things throughout the day but I was always anxious for it to be 7 pm. That's when Hockey Night In Canada would come on tv live from the Forum in Montreal! For the next three hours my grandpa & I would sit down & cheer on the Habs. When HNIC would show the Leafs we'd turn it to the french channel. It didn't matter to us if we didn't understand the announcers, we just wanted to watch the game. The Habs & my grandpa were the biggest things in my life at that time for I was only 7-8 years old during this period. Unfortunately my grandpa passed away a month before my ninth birthday. I only knew my grandpa for a short time and that's what made the time we spent together so special & one reason as to why I love the Habs so much. You know the day every year when winter breaks & it feels like spring is in the air? That's the day I look up at the sky & say “It's playoff time gramps.”

I remember playing shinny every morning, lunch hour, recess & after school.When I was a forward I was the Flower, when I was on defence I was Big Bird & when I played goal I was always Ken Dryden. I even leaned on my stick like he did when the play was down the ice or street.

During my teenage years I would watch every Saturday night & I was able to listen to the weekday games on the French CBC radio channel. When I moved out on my own I got one of those huge black satellite dishes (remember those?) and I watched every game I could. It was extra special watching it with my buddies.

Let's jump ahead to 1992-1993, what an amazing season that was. However it didn't start out so well for me. Besides my family & friends, my closest buddies were Murdoch & Spencer, my dogs. Murdoch passed away that year, the day he died was very hard on me. That week while watching a game I turned to my friend & said the Habs are going to win the Cup this year & I am dedicating this season to the memory of Murdoch. True story. Well we all know we won!!!

January 2,1998 I got to see my first live Canadiens game in Edmonton with my wife. We were losing 3-1 with approx. eight minutes left & came back to win 5-3. Wow, that was a great day. My hand was so sore that night from high-fiving so many fellow Hab fans. How could I ever top that experience? Well let's move ahead to 2008 when I finally made it to the Holy Land, the Bell Centre. We booked the tickets to coincide with the Grey Cup game. We went to two games. Unknown to us at the time we booked, the first game was Patrick Roy's jersey raising. What a thrill! Then the next game we got to see O'Byrne score on himself. LOL. Talk about your highs & lows. The boys lost both games but it was one of my childhood dreams come true.

I am married now to my beautiful wife & we have three great kids. Of course raising a family is very time consuming & then there's work. Still I manage to see almost every game. When anyone asks me how I became a Habs fan living so far away I tell them the story of Saturday nights in Saskatchewan watching the bleu, blanc & rouge play on HNIC with my grandfather.

I miss you grandpa.


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Each week, we are going to try to feature a blog or article written by one of our members in this space on the forum. If you are interested in being our journalist of the week, please send me a PM to let me know, as well as giving me the title of the topic you would like to write about.

The 4th installment in our series comes to us from England, where EHIW is taking the colors of the Union Jack and supporting them in a whole new way... as a fan of the bleu-blanc-rouge.

Big Ted,

On behalf of the moderating team

Blog #4: Life as a Hockey fan in England by EHIW

This blog is just a little look into how being a hockey fan, and a Montreal fan in particular, affects my life and what the problems and limiting factors to being a hockey fan in the United Kingdom are.

My day starts at 6.30am when I wake up to get prepared for a long day ahead at college and it ends at 11:30PM, when I usually go to sleep. Since hockey was introduced into my life, I have attempted to watch every game I can. At the start of the 2009/2010 season, I decided to pay for ESPN monthly to be able to watch hockey on a daily basis. At that time, I was in my last year of high school so it wasn’t that affected except Montreal games were shown once per week tops (usually when we headlined Hockey Night in Canada). The games shown from the East were one of three teams: Pittsburgh, Washington and “Canada’s team,” the Toronto Maple Leafs. This was a big disappointment, as paying £10 a month out of a paper route that paid £28 a month was a big portion of cash to watch the damn Maple Leafs. After this, I decided to make an arrangement with my Dad (who watched ESPN for NFL and MLB): he would pay for ESPN and I would pay for Center Ice, which costs £15 a month, but access to every NHL game made me pretty happy. Around comes the California trip, the three games in a row which make any hockey fan in Europe annoyed. The games started at 5:30AM local time, which made my life a mess, but I recovered the day later by sleeping when I came home from school. The playoffs coincide with the exam period over here and staying up to 3-4PM the day before an exam obviously impacted my performance, but the Habs were more important, as I knew that I had already passed my GCSE’s.

Last season (2010/2011), my love for the game impacted me a lot more than I could have ever imagined, with more and more late nights. Eventually my health was impacted and I started suffering from migraine problems by about December 2010, which led to me missing time off college in the month leading up to my first set of AS Level exams. I know that some of you may be thinking that I was being stupid to continue putting the game before my health, but the game has that much of thrill and crazy withdrawal symptoms. In January, I missed my first Montreal game in 2 seasons, and that was only because I had my Modern History AS exam the day after at 9AM, which was purely a saddening necessity. Socially, it also has an effect due to the mocking that having a love for hockey brings among your peers. It is nearly impossible to be able to have a conversation with anybody due to their lack of understanding of the game.

The second half of the season, I refrained from watching the non-Saturday Western conference match-ups as I realised that the migraines were getting worse and worse. The problems have made me realise that the lack of a sleeping pattern makes your life an utter mess and despite regretting my decision to stop watching the late games in the West, it has made my life and health better.


Coverage is probably the biggest complaint with being a hockey fan in general in the UK, over the past 5 years. The only coverage the game has had was the Vancouver riots. On Sky Sports News, the scores are shown, but there are never any highlights of the game. ESPN also will delay hockey broadcasts if NCAA basketball or football is being played, which is another annoying occurrence.

In the off-season, it was announced that ESPN had not retained their rights to broadcast in Europe, and Center ice has been removed from the ESPN player page and as such, I have subsequently cancelled my subscription. Before ESPN acquired the broadcasting rights, we had Hockey Night in Canada broadcasted on the Saturday on Channel 5, and that is it, two games a week. Presently, we don’t have that certainty, so I may be looking at illegal streams for next season, which I don’t want to do.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope this provided a brief insight into the effect the love of a game can have on one's life and the difficulty of being a UK hockey fan.


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Thanks for writing about your personal experince. It's interesting to read about different prspectives and even lives and how hockey is intertwined in them. I can't say I completely relate (because, really, I cannot - we have different situations) But I do understand, to some degree, how fitting time to watch games and juggling a schedule isn't always easy. And I'm sorry to hear that it actually had negative effects on your life. I'm glad you realised this a bit but make sure you take care of yourself. You may want to watch hockey right in this moment but you also want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. Thanks for sharing, EHIW. Good read.

p.s. This also gave some insight into why you seem to not hate Toronto life every "Habs fan should" :P

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Thanks for that perspective EHIW. Always interesting to read how far away the Hab's family extends. I feel your pain when you talk about a good portion of your games being limited to watching the Leafs. I suffered through many years of that force fed garbage, down here in the middle of Leaf nation. Thank god for RDS now.How we suffer for our boy's. :)

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