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Game 48,Habs vs Leafs get ready for regular-season finale

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What I'd like to see tonight (in order):

1. No injuries

2. A win

3. The D play defence

4. The DD line get going

5. The Plekanec line get going

6. Subban and Gallagher gain ground in their respective trophy races

7. Peel and Lee collide at center ice. Both leave the game and are not expected to return.

Missed one Ted.

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Seriously, the game would be better off without refs. Peel hates us and Lee hasn't read the NHL rulebook ever.

Are those actually the refs or did someone make it up?

They follow's bettman's book, not the rule book/.

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Im Sick of this Toronto Garbage, Lets Go Habs, This is a Canadiens Forum, Support our Team, if not don't speak!



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I'd like to see MT roll 3 lines for the first, just to confuse Carlyle. If he sends out the goons, we use our skill. Otherwise, it takes that part out of the game. You can sub in one of the 4th line guys at a time for some shifts instead of going head to head with the 4ths.

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