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#6 Shea Weber 2017-18


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1 hour ago, Noob616 said:

Apparently he injured his foot blocking a shot in the first game of the year and has been playing hurt all year. Makes lot of sense, he's looked much slower skating this year. It's not reasonable that his skating would fall off that much in just his age 31 to 32 offseason so the injury sucks right now but it's somewhat reassuring that there's a good and non-aging reason he's been much slower this year.

Explains things to some degree. Will still be interesting to see how he does upon returning. Sometimes injuries also slow guys down and they're not quite the same afterwards. It's also possible that the injury was part of the reason and age was some of it as well. Weber has a lot of miles on him. We've seen guys like Kaberle and Hamrlik and Gomez suddenly slow down in their early-mid 30's, so it is technically possible Weber hits a bit of a wall there too. As you said, at least there's a plausible non-age reason for his lack of speed this year and hope that he can rebound when healed.

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