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I'm just glad he did something. And if they match, I think MB will offer sheet someone else

And now we know that if they match, they can't trade the player for a year (I didn't know this before)

Only thing I'm wondering is if Carolina can trade Aho to us or another team in the next week?

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2 minutes ago, HabsAlways said:

Problem is this ... unless Canes gave Habs assurances they won't match, this ties our hands in the UFA market for 7 days.     Canes can drag it out till last minutes, then match and Habs miss out on everyone else.

it does but we can sign another player and make another dump salary move if we don't sign Aho. We can go over the cap

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3 minutes ago, HabsAlways said:

Hmm only option I see is for MB to also offer sheet Laine ... hope we get one of them ... if we get both, trade salary to fit both

we can't offer sheet anyone else. Because are picks are sort of in limbo. If Aho goes through, then we don't have the picks to offersheet anyone else

I really did think it would be in the 10 million range, which would have made it harder, but if we get him, man its a steal

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