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19 hours ago, H_T_L said:

Yup,,,, definitely champs at exploiting the Cap.


18 hours ago, claremont said:

There are many fans that I have talked to that share your sentiment - I wonder if the league will correct that TBay mockery in new rules to come

Again, it's not illegal to use LTIR to your benefit. Many teams have done that. Where I take issue is that Kucherov and Stamkos were clearly ready to come back before the start of the playoffs. I have a very hard time believing Kucherov was injured the entire regular season and just miraculously was cleared to play at exactly the time the cap expired and the playoffs were beginning. And then add Stamkos on top of that coming back at the same time. If Kucherov had come back in the regular season, TB would not have been able to have the roster they do. So to me it looks like intentional cap circumnavigation and while it's not illegal to use LTIR it is very much against the CBA to fake an injury to use LTIR and to keep a player on LTIR when they are ready to return. The NHL should 100% be investigating this and if Kucherov or Stamkos was healthy earlier than stated, the two of them should be rendered ineligible to play in the playoffs and the Lightning should have to forfeit 1st rounds picks for the next 4-5 years.

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