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13 hours ago, RCAF48 said:

 A lot of words using selective stats to promote an interesting theory.  Thank you for explaining what playing defence is. 

Your non-fictional opinion that Kulak is our best defenceman is intriguing but it will not change my fictional ( I have been called worst) opinion based on absolutely nothing but watching him play. 

If you are an American like Capt Welly. For us north of the 49th we have a defence..........ugh even worst than the spelling police!






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Further fodder for why Weber needs to be protected on D and why pairing him with Kulak makes sense once he's back: Weber is last on the D corps at 35% in terms of controlled zone exits (the percentage of times he possess the puck and we maintain possession coming out of our zone as opposed to just dumping it away or turning over possession). Merrill is 2nd worst at 38%. The best, not surprisingly, are

Kulak 53%

Romanov 44%

Petry 43%

Rounding out the rest are Chiarot at 41% and Edmundson at 40%.


I've put up stats that support Kulak's value and why he shouldn't be the 7th or 8th D man on this roster, but this is yet another one showing how he's blowing his teammates out of the water in terms of the value he's bringing to the line-up. This stat is the essence of what we mean when we talk about a "puck moving defenceman" -- a guy who can get the puck out of his own zone while retaining possession so as to launch an attack the other way. Kulak is doing that over half the time, whereas Weber is only doing it a third of the time. I'll reiterate this again but Weber and Merrill are playing the same style of game and for either one to have success, they need to be partnered by a guy who can move the puck better. The best option is clearly Kulak, followed by Romanov. If Weber comes back, it has to be Merrill who sits and it needs to be Kulak or Romanov who partners Weber to minimize Weber from being a liability on the ice.

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