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  1. Tonight's Game Featuring Versus At the Bell Centre. Game time 7:00PM ET, 4:00PM PT http://www.nhl.com/ice/preview.htm?id=2012020306&navid=sb:preview The Intro Yes, that's right, back to back uncivilengineer GDTs, he's pushing his luck, he got a new computer, he's having a good time beating the leafs into submission. But now it's time to look forward to our next game. The dirty penguins are coming to town and we'll be looking to keep them in the pen until the end of the game. Wait, you ask, did uncivilengineer get a new computer? In short, YES! It's a powerful beast of a machine, but does that mean I'll be getting fancy with graphics and stats? HECK NO! You just can't expect that from me, and you really shouldn't. I mean, isn't it enough we got this fancy new board, with no iPhone support? I mean, c'mon, how much do you people want in a week? The Teams The Habs are coming off a redemption win against the Maple Laffs, beating them 5-2 at whatever rink the Laffs are calling their home these days. The Penguins are coming off a 4-1 loss to the Canes (remember that 105' Patches goal) and are looking for redemption. The Habs are 7-2-1 in their last ten, while the Penguins are 5-5-0. The Habs currently sit at first in the conference, with the Penguins in second (though only because their division is kind of lackluster this year and they aren't getting much for points). The Rosters Toimas "Kahhhhhberle" Kaberle should get the nod again as Raphael "The Stallion" Diaz is still sitting out with concussion like symptoms. Rene "BourqueBourqueBourque" Bourque will also be sitting this game out with a concussion. Michael "Rentatruck" Ryder looks to get his first points back as a Hab, paired up with.... somebody, I can't remember what line he was played on last game, and well I'm too lazy to look that up. The Penguins are.......... awwwwwwww who cares... There's Crosby, there's Malk.... wait he's injured, there's that goalie, and those defencemen. The Conclusion What? You expected more? I have a new PC to play with folks, this is the effort you're getting right now.... Go Habs Go, etc, and so forth.... really, you all make up this thread anyways. I bet nobody is even reading this part. I could put purple llama monkey dishwasher here and NOBODY would see this.... in fact, I bet you stopped at the NHL.com preview page because it has more useful info than me. The end....?
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