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  1. I had a dream so unbelievable dream last night. It was such a vivid and great dream that I just had to put this into writing as soon as I woke up. I've never written about a dream before in my entire life but it was so special to me that I did not want to let go of it without putting it down. My dream was that Bobby Hull came out of retirement at his present age to lead the Hartford Whalers (the last team Hull played for) in a Stanley Cup playoff team. And he brought so much energy that the Montreal Bell Centre was rocking. He was all over the place. I know this one is not possible on hockey skates, but he actually went up along the side boards and glass like a skateboarder or snow surfboarder might do making a jump. He went straight up and back down with his skates on the boards with his side facing towards the ice up and down but he did it on skates. The Canadiens would win the game, but Hull would have two goals in dominating fashion with the last one being a blistering slapshot like Hull was known for. Hull brought down the house and everybody was cheering for him. And afterward, a female reporter asked me to have some comments about Hull's performance, and I said this was the greatest moment I've ever witnessed (Hull coming out of retirement at his present age to accomplish this feat). And the Whalers players appreciated it, especially Hull, who thanked me. Remember, this was a dream so the events are not during the time frame that Hull played for the Whalers. It was just one of those great spontaneous things. I've included everything I remember from my dream and it's starting to fade now. I hope everybody enjoys this story. ----------------------------------- This is not part of the dream, but a very happy moment in my life. I got to meet Hull twice, the second time with his brother Dennis, I have yet to meet Brett. The first time, he came to Flint, Michigan-my home area. I'm at Marshall University in Huntington, WV now. But I will never forget my meeting Hull. I asked him about what it was like winning the Stanley Cup in 1961 and ending the Canadiens dynasty from 1956-1960. He took his Stanley Cup ring and put it up to my face and said to me, "you see this ... this is what we play for." Definitely memorable. The second time took place in Birch Run, just north of Flint. The sports collector store I met him at in Flint had moved up there, and Hull came back a second time, with Dennis this time. I got to ask Bobby about playing against Rocket Richard. He told me that Richard was "a tough ..." But it was what happened after the event that I will never forget. Bobby and I got to talking and he started asking me about me. I don't really know why, but just him wanting to get to know a bit more was quite an honor. I don't talk too much about this but it was very special for me. I got an autographed puck by both Bobby and Dennis on my second time. I got an autographed photo from Bobby the first time.
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