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Found 1 result

  1. This is obviously one of the most polarizing trades we have ever made. I personally think its going to go down as one of the worst in franchise history, and it is empirically already a complete disaster only 2 years in. Subban seems to be improving even from where he was, and another Norris is a very real possibility in his future, as is a cup. As far as Weber, I am far less generous than you guys, and aside from how I felt about the trade, I truly, objectively feel he is totally underwhelming as a fan. I can see where he used to be a force. He is no longer a force. Having him does not make us a special team, he does not make us a threat to win every night. I dont think he is even in the top 20 D in the league at this point, and I would trade him straight up for ......man the list is huge. I predict that within the next 3 years at MOST, he's going to be in Brent Seabrook territory and the conversation is going to be how can we get rid of this guy. Anyway, have at it fanboys and haters!
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