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Guest Leafs/Habs_Fan

lmao at the censors. :D

Anyways, I'm goleafsgo100 and I'm a Leafs AND Habs fan. Sounds crazy, I know. I was born in Montreal and moved to Toronto when I was 1. I go to Montreal a few times a year and it feels like my second home. I have relatives who live there.

I know it's extremely unique and weird but I just can't bring myself to cheer against the Habs. Now to be honest if it was the Leafs vs. the Habs I'd cheer for the Leafs but in any other situation I would go for the Canadiens.

I have to change my username some how though. I want it to be something like Leafs/Habs fan.

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Username: HabFAN

Real Name: Chris

Live: Halifax

Born: St. John's NL

Age: 21

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: M. (Rocket) Richard

Last Words: Bring home number 25 boys

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Guest zachary-jean

Username: zachary-jean

Real Name: Zachary-Jean

Live:Jamaica Plain, MA (hopefully not for much longer)

Born: Fall River, MA

Age: 21

Favourite Current Hab: Bonk/Murray

Favourite All time Hab: Jean Béliveau

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Guest Nikedine

Username: Nikedine

Real Name: Niklas Rosholm

Live: Close to Gothenburg, Sweden

Age: 18

Favourite Current Hab: Bouillon (and Bulldogs' Francis Lemieux)

Favourite All time Hab: Patrick Roy

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Username: Habs24

Real Name: Tristan

Live: Marystown,Newfoundland

Born: Gander,Newfoundland

Age: 19

Favourite Current Hab: Saku Koivu,Steve Begin

Favourite All time Hab: Saku Koivu, Patty Roy

Last Words: Its time to dig down get dirty and make a run

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Guest 60islove

yo i'm samanta spinelli

born in montreal,lived in rdp my whole life and went to Laurier in St. Leo. It's my city..it's my home no matter what.

Now i live in Boca Raton, FL and go to Pine Crest where i'm a Junior.

I've been a HABS fan my whole life..they mean the world to me. Living in the Floriduh sucks bc people don't take hockey seriously..

My family have been season ticket holders for nearly a decade and i'm in love with the Bell Center (honestly the illest building in the league..trust me..i've been to quite a few).

My favorite hab is yet to be determined..my favorite hockey player Theodore was traded and i'm still reeling..

My all-time favorite hockey player is Maurice "Rocket" Richard because he embodies everything i hope one day to stand for..

I'm a habs fan through and through and if you show me respect i'll show you respect (even in you're a leafs fan :D). I am not a puckbunny..yes i find some of the players attractive..i'm not going to appologize, it's human nature. I hate it when people try to school me about the habs..hockey is more than a sport to me..it's everything, i've got mad dedication..

I never lose faith and my passion never wavers..

GO HABS GO..tricolore jusqu'au bout bijoux!

ps. if you're a habs fan.. i know we can be friends..unless you think that chicks can't be as hardcore as dudes (sxxism sucks!) or if you dis theo..then we got beef. :D

peace + love .. sixxxxty

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I'm Larry Launstein Jr, a life-long Habs fan in the middle of Red Wings Nation. My all-time favorite athlete in any sport is the Rocket, Maurice Richard, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking hockey with twice. I have also met Henri Richard, Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau, Bobby Hull (twice) and Dennis Hull.

My other interests include graphic art and web design, of which I'm taking college classes in right now, hockey, golf, and listening to the music of the legnedary Illinois horn-driven rock band Chicago, and the legendary British female singer, Dusty Springfield, the original blue-eyed soul singer.

I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate some of the art that has appeared in the signature areas of this site. Some of you are very good artists, and deserve encouragement.

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Guest HabsFanInPitt27

Username: HabsFanInPitt27

Real Name: Meghan Reinhart

Live: Pittsburgh, PA

Born: Mitchell, SD

Age: 21

Favourite Current Hab: Kovy

Favourite All time Hab: Kovy since I've only been a fan since March of 2004.

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Username : Habulator

Real Name : Don

Age : 45

Live : Annapolis Valley, N.S.

Born : Wolfville, N.S.

All time Fave Hab : The Roadrunner - Yvan Cournoyer

Current Fave : Steve Begin

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Name's Alex Baillie, known mostly as Baillie, Mr. Baillie, occasionally Vaccum Boy, and every once in a while as Chubbs.

I am 14 years old, which, for some reason, seems to catch people on-line off-guard, but that's the desired effect, I guess.

I am interested in a great deal of things. Hockey paramount amongst them, consuming most of the time I don't devout to sleeping and eating (Which I'm quite fond of aswell). I like Music, mostly classic rock and blues.

My favourite Montreal Canadien is, at this particular time and likely forever, Saku Koivu. Following close behind are Mike Komisarek and Craig Rivet, and Radek Bonk just because I like to be different.

I live in a very secret location that I can not devulge under any circumstances, unless I feel like it, which I do not. Anywhoo, it's boring and small, that's all you need to know.

With that, I leave you with these parting words: Enjoy every sandwhich. Seriously.

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Username: Sebs Fox

Real Name: Corey

Age: 28

Live: Brampton, ON

Born: Toronto, ON (it hurts saying this)

Favourite All Time HAB: Patrick Roy

Favourite Current HAB(s): Michael Ryder and Steve Begin

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