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Guest Bourne

Username: Bourne

Real Name: Brad

Live/Born: North Vancouver, Canada

Favorite Habs: Chris Higgins and Saku Koivu

Interesting facts: Well I just moved from Montreal back out west near the end of June. We actually drove through Canada. But of fun but tends to get rather boring quickly. Besides that I'm a pretty good writer and often do a lot of writing, whether it be on furom sites or just me creating a story. I spend a good deal of my time on the computer as I have many things that peek my interest here. My music taste is what many would call weird. I listen to pretty much any genre. Between heavy rock (Disturbed and too many to name), pop rock (Avril), video game themes, rap (Everything), Alternative (Three Days Grace) and so forth my music taste, like I said is weird, lol. Speaking of video games that is something else I very much enjoy. Haven't got into a good game in a month or so now and I think I may jump back into them. I am also studying/learning the business practices and plan to make that my career.

There now you know about me

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Guest Oatmeal777

Hi, Oatmeal here, this is coming a bit late, but what the heck....


LIVE/BORN IN: Truro, Nova Scotia

FAVOURITE HABS (NOW): Latendresse, Lapierre

FAVOURITE HABS (ALL TIME): Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur, Guy Lapointe, Ken Dryden, Yvan Cournoyer.

HOCKEY EXPERIENCE: Not much, my mom couldn't put me into hockey when my dad left which is sad because I'm the most naturally talented hockey player in this greasy town. I still play road and pond hockey though so meh, life is still good. I like Nachos.

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Guest Canadiens86

Hi, I cant believe I only just discovered this site. Well regardless here I am. As per my username, I have been a Canadiens fan since 1986 and had the opportunity to go to Montreal in March and watch the boys take on the Leafs! I am looking forward to being here and having a 'support team' when the season sets off and as well as the off season dealing and wheeling! :rolleyes:

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Live in Orlando and have always been a habs fan.

Moved from Montreal in 1985.

Still play hockey 2 to 3 times a week.

The best thing that has ever happen to me is Direct tv s center ice.In the last 9 years I have missed maybe only 2 dozen games or so.It is awesome.

Snow ski once a year and work out 3 times a week.

Love to vacation with my wife.

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Guest BIGMACK 365


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DAN MAC DONALD

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HAMILTON ONT

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,FROM CAPE BRETON ISLAND

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HAB FAN FOR 51 YRS,YES I,AM OLD LOL NICE SITE.

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Guest face-off

hi this is face-off :

i'm old but new to this site ,have been a habs fan all my life and have

seen the best of best play to name a few the rocket,the pocket and the boom,

harvey,jc trembley,backstrom,plant ,gumper,hodge,beliveau

home town brantford ont. home of the great-one walter once said his wife phyllis's

favourite player was not wayne but guy lafluer she realy had taste eh!!!!

till we chat again


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Guest Jaydee21

Username: Jaydee21

Real Name: Jason

Live: RDP, Montreal

Born: St Leonard, mtl

Age: 22

Favourite Current Hab: Chris Higgins, Mike Komisarek

Favourite All time Hab: Chris Higgins, Mark Recchi

Last Words: #25...I want it bad!!!!!!!!!


Fav food: Lasagna

Fav movie: Night at the Roxbury and Old School

Fav Tv show: Prison Break and Simpsons

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Guest muskeg

Username: muskeg

Real Name: zachary

Live: earth

Born: cosmos

Age: 22

Favourite Current Hab: komisarek now that there's no bonk

Favourite All time Hab: jean beliveau, chris chelios, eric desjardins

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Guest CHimbued

User Name: CHimbued

Real Name: Jesse

Live: Montreal

Born: Toronto

Age: 21

Favourite Current Hab: Christopher Higgins, Saku Koivu

Favourite All Time Hab: Patrick Roy, Kirk Muller, Maurice Richard

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Guest CowbearMTL

Username: CowbearMTL

Real Name: Dionne Savage

Live: Houston, Texas :ph34r:

Born: Scottsdale, AZ

Age: 20

Favourite Current Hab: Chris Higgins

Favourite All time Hab: Wish i was older to no that one

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Username: Greny

Real Name: David

Live: Edinburgh, Scotland

Born: Embra aswell

Age: 26

Favourite Current Hab: Bouillon

Favourite All time Hab: Kirk Muller

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Guest TheSalamizer

Username: Should have been TheSalaminizer

Real Name: Justin

Live in: The furthest south you can get in Canada

From: Taber, Corn/Mormon Capital of Canada

Age: 24, but I look like I'm 17 at most

Favorite Current Hab is Saku Koivu

Favorite all Time Hab is Guy Lafluer

Other notes: Lived in Taber, Alberta for over 20 years then moved to B.C a year ago. Have been a Canadiens fan since I was 6 (when I started playing hockey). Love all kinds of music, most of all really heavy metal.

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Guest Maine Habs Fan

Hi My real name is John. I am originally for Rockland,ME on the border with Edmundston, NB. I grew up a Habs fan due to my mom being Canadian. My dad was a Bruins fan so...made for interesting nights. I never missed a hockey night in Canada and usually rooted for the Canucks as my West coast team.

I live in Rockland,ME now and the whole area is pretty much Bruins fans. I always proudly wear the colors during the hockey season. Now I know how Yankees fans feel in New England ;-)

Anywho, I'm not much of a poster but I'll chime in once in a while. I like to meet people who have similar interests as me.

Age- 32


All time fav Hab- Roy and Carbonneau a

Now- Markov and Koivu

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Guest Lifelong Habs Fan

User Name: Lifelong Habs Fan

Real Name: Robert Morin

Member since: Dec. '06

Age: 50

Location: Iqaluit

Position: Right wing or defence

Shoots: Left

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Guest RedLightRacicot

Username: RedlightRacicot

Real Name: Marc

Live: Toronto

Born: Montreal

Age: 30

Favourite Current Hab: Higgins

Favourite All time Hab: Patrick Roy

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I've always loved the Habs, ever since I was a little kid and I listened to them win the '86 Cup on the radio because I was grounded for fighting with my little sister... The feeling of pure exhilaration when I got of the school bus the following morning and every kid at school was dancing and screaming!!

I remember going through all of high school and never missing a single game... just the thought of the '93 Cup makes me feel tingly all over... Patrick's wink at Tomas Sandstrom is frozen in my mind... Even through the dry desert that followed that win, I was shaken but my passion for this team never died...

My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a boy, born hours after we had turned off the radio in the delivery room and listened as Saku scored the overtime winner in the season opener against the despised Hurricanes, a team I hate but that still give me warm memories of those playoff match ups against the Whalers... Pat Verbeek... Kevin Dineen... Frank Peterangelo... even Ulf Samulesson...

The poor child is not even three weeks old and yet nothing makes me feel happier than dressing him up in his little Canadiens stretchy and sitting down to watch the games... he hasn't missed one yet! Instead of memories, it gives me hope of the fun we'll have together when I take him to his first live game, when he laces up his own skates for he first time... I can't wait...

well, sorry to bore you all with this, I had a friend over yesterday and we were talking about '93 and I guess it jogged my memory... back to work... hope I posted this in the right place...

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