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Hello fellow Habs fans!

Username: HabsFanInAZ

Real Name: Heather

Live: Phoenix, AZ

Born: South Georgia

Age: 28

Favourite Current Hab: Carey Price

Favourite All time Hab: Carey Price

Last Words: Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Then when you call them something, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

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I'm a 20 years old Hab fan from Sweden. I have seen every game this year (through espn360), even though we are +6h in time. All the games are therefore in the middle of the night... I work daytime in a factory so the late games are a bit tough, but it's totally worth it!

Last year I saw my first two games live, Senators away and Sabres at Bell Centre. I have always supported Montreal, but it was due to my Canada-vacation the love to Habs grew enormous.

Favourite players in Montreal: Mike Komisarek, Saku Koivu and Steve Begin (hard to only pick one).

I'm also a big fan of the Swedish team "Bjorkloven". Ulf Dahlen, Carl Johansson, Patrik and Peter Sundstrom, Greg Parks and Richard Jackman, are all examples of players in Bjorkloven.

Sorry for my bad english...

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Hey all,

User Name: Falquan

Real Name: Steve

Age: 32

Live: Hamilton, Ont. Canada.

Born: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Fav Current Canadiens Player: Mike Komisarek

Fav All Time Canadiens Player(s): Can I list the entire 1986 Stanley Cup winning team? heh

I would love to say that I've been a Habs fan for my entire life but I never did follow them up until I was 9 or 10 and got to see the Stanley Cup run in 1986. For me, that was a huge eye opener and made quite the impression on me. From then on, it was nothing but the bleu, blanc, et rouge for myself.

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My neal name is Jason and I'm a Hab fan living in Leafland. I'm 29 years old and been a Hab fan since 1989 playoffs(remember Hextall running Chelios?).I love following the Habs prospects closely and pride myself on knowing their game as best I could.

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Hey Adam from Edmonton here. I've been a hab fan all my life and that is the only team I have ever and will ever cheer for. I'm excited to be joining these forums... but before I make too many posts in people's threads I want to make sure my signature is ok... I'm guessing advertising isn't allowed on the site but having a link in your signature is ok? I don't know... please let me know so I don't break any rules! I'm joining these forums regardless so if I need to edit my siggy I will =)

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G'day mates! :D

Im Steve, from Chicago's western suburbs. The Blackhawks are actually my fave team, but the Habs are a close second.

Fave all-time Habs? LaFleur, Carbonneau, Savard, Dryden, Richard, Roy.

Fave Habs on current roster? Koivu, Kovalev, the Kostitsyns, Price.

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Name: Laura

Born: Montreal

Now: Burlington, ON

First hab memory: watching Tony O on HNIC playing for the habs (6 games)

Living in Laffs country is certainly different - everyone wants you to drink the Kool-aid. But seriously it is like watching a train wreck. can't keep your eyes away even though you do not wanna look. :D

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Hi to all,

My name is Marco and I am from the Netherlands (Born in Rotterdam). I am 37 years of age and turned completely over from a soccer-fan to a hockey (read Habs) fan.

About 6 years ago I met my girlfriend who is from Montreal and since that time I did visit Montreal a lot of times. Over the years I saw more and more hockey-matches on TV when visiting Montreal and slowly I turned into a hockey-fan. I did hear a lot of good stories about the Candiens from my girlfriends father and her grandmother.

Since 1 year I am able to receive a sportschannel in the netherlands that shows only North American sports and it became one of my favorite channels. I saw most of the 2007-08 play-off matches of the Canandiens at home in the Netherlands :D



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I couldn't find an introduction section, so i'll just post here. I am the top poster on the sens forum, and was told i'd be welcome here, so here I am. I am a sens fan, but I am not a troll. I will not bash the habs in any way. I already know 1 person here, that being MDAS. I hope I have as much fun here as I do on the sens board. btw, feel free to call me SD. :)

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