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Habs Fans Introduce Yourselves


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We don't need Senator's fans here, go back to your own board!

I'm on both now :P

Could be worse, you could be a leafs fan XD

I hate the leafs, if that helps :lol:

what do i think of man u?


what do i think of crap?

man u!

Yeah, their only the best club team in the world. ;)

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Hello. Hnn I never introduced myself ^^; I was always too shy to do so in forums, but eh, it's the internet. Real name is Charlotte, I work in video games but I always wanted to be a hockey player (goalie) only my parents never let me 'cause they were afraid I'd lose my teeth or something. I only got to play in school floor hockey, old skool style 'cause we had no money for gear... I still have my teeth, though.

Habs fan since day one, 1980! I love our current team and hope they'll bring in #25 :3

Current favourite Habs: Price, Komisaurus, Nonstopoulus

Fav other NHLer: Marty Turco

Fav other NHL team: Dallas Stars, NJ Devils

Go Habs Go!

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Hello. I'm a new guy around here but I'm a fan who'd shave his head even for nose-bleed seats! My name is Ayden to let ya'll know and I'm 13 years old. But please don't treat me diffirent as on the Pens board they made my sig say "ONLY 13". I'm extremely mature and very tall & fat for my age.

But yeah I'm a die hard

Habs fan for while like since 2002

Current favourite Habs: Price, D'Gastoni

Fav other NHLer: Pittsburgh Penguins & Anaheim Ducks

From: Victoria, BC

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hi everyone

i'm from switzerland, zurich. my real name is sebastian and i'm a habs fan since i know about the nhl, mostly thanks to streit, who together with ak 46 is one of my most favorite habs-players. as my profile pic shows, i'm also a big fan of johnny toews and of course alex ovechkin. other teams i like are the blackhawks and the sharks.

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Nick Name is Elkheart , as in Elks 82's Hockey in Thunder Bay , we just Celebrated our 60th Annaversay of minor Hockey , we have 350 kids in our local Organization , from IP1 , which are little dudes , right up to Midget , 15-17 year olds , a proud history of developing our kids we have

Edited as promotion of websites is not permitted - 1970 Habs

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WoW I provide a link to show the history of our hockey association and you edit that out ????? Have you seen how many people have postings to websites and links etc on this website , i was merely showing some history of a proud hockey organization from Thunder Bay , not selling or trying to peddle something , man there are links to otherhockey temas and things all over this site , get a grip man !

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Hey I'm Kristopher7.

My real name is Kristopher, Montreal born and raised. Go to Cegep and live in the east end of Montreal (currently living near Anjou). Grew up and played hockey during my youth in Rosemont.

Habs fan since I was a baby, born in '84 - 23 years old.

I remember watching the playoffs in 92'93 with my parents, precious memories.

Some of my fav Habs players are Patrick Roy, Kirk Muller, Mathieu Schneider, Patrice Brisebois, John LeClair, Vincent Damphousse. (I really liked the roster from 92-93).

Some of my fav current Habs are Kovalev, Koivu, Hamrlik, Komisarek, Streit, Plekanec, Andrei Kostitsyn and Carey Price.

I love watching Kovalev, he does magic with the puck and his stickhandling. Koivu is a smaller guy but I love watching him work - so much passion, Andrei Kostitsyn is a pro - he's young but he's damn good, Plekanec always looks so serious but I love his style.

As for the men on the blue line, gotta love 'em all. Brisebois is a king (still uses wood sticks!) and love that he was back for 2007-08, Hamrlik is really amazing and such a strong player, Komisarek is a beast and such a great defensive player (why do people assume defensemen have to score 40 goals a season?) he is great at blocking shots, and Streit is a great all around player and has so much potential.

And then there's Carey. I have to admit I was scared myself like most everyone else when Gainey traded Huet but wow man Carey delivers, can't wait to see how he does in the coming season and beyond between the posts.

I also really have faith in the Habs staff; Bob Gainey, Guy Carbonneau, Kirk Muller and Doug Jarvis!

I played hockey since as far back as I can remember, played until mid-high school when I got cut from AAA tryouts for being too aggressive (I played pretty rough defense). So I ended up turning to basketball (since I'm 6'3") and played starting centre for 4 seasons winning many MVPs.

Love the Habs and I visit the website every morning for any news on the team ;P

Hadn't ever noticed the forum section but now that I noticed it I decided to sign up and discuss the greatest hockey team on earth with other Montrealers and Habs enthusiasts :)

So Hello to you all and here's to a great 2007-08 we just had and a great 2008-09 and beyond!


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Wow, I don't think I've ever introduced myself on these forums, and I've been here for several months :P

I'm Habsgirl3823... don't really wanna give out my real name because it's kind of unique. I live in New York State near Buffalo. I've actually only been a Habs fan for a short time. I just recently got into hockey, and even though I tried to like the Sabres, it just didn't feel right. So I'm a Habs fan in Sabre country.

Carey Price is my favorite player. I also like Komi, Pleks, Koivu, the Kostitsyn's. The list could go on forever.

I'm also a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Can't wait for #25! GO HABS!

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