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hey yo, jasens the name. i've been a hab fan for as long as i can remember. being a southern ontarian i've spent my whole life surounded by leaf and wing fans (i preffer the latter of the two, leaf fans are soo anoying lol)

my all time favourite hab would have to be Patrick Roy. (not to take any steam from Carbo)

as for my currant fav its soo hard to narrow it down. but i think it would have to be between Pleks, Price and S. Kostitsyn.

the future looks good! :)

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hey hello from south florida, where there really is no hockey. however, when the habs came to s. fl. last december, it was a "home game" as 90% of the fans were for the habs. the fact that they ran it up on the panthers was really special. finally this year there is a sense of optimism. like all the other teams there are question marks. yes we will miss streit, but he was a better forward than a d-man. time for latendresse to step up. think its make or break for him.can begin stay healthy all year with his crash and bang style that we all love??? and finally, lets give credit to gainey for getting laraque. all time faves are mondou, mario tremblay, and chis nilan. hope to see all you hab fans this season for our "home " games in s. fl. and i hope to make it up to the bell. GO HABS GO.

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Greetings fellow hab fans.

I`ve been a member for a month now, username is Forever Habs #10.

I am 44 yrs, life long habs fan from Saint-John, N.B.

The #10 is for my childhood to present day hab legend GUY LAFLEUR,

whom i had the privlage to meet, having my #10 habs jersey autographed

by guy in person.

I am impressed with the leadership that BOB GAINEY & company have shown,

i like the direction that the canadiens are going,......GO HABS GO.

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Hi everyone, been trolling for a while, figure I should introduce myself.

My name is Austin and I'm from Bowling Green, Ohio.(just south of Smoke's hometown of Toledo) I'm 24 and been a habs fan my entire life. All time favorite hab would be Roy or Koivu, with the later obviously my favorite active player.

I went to college with Kevin Bieksa of the Canucks, so they are my western conference team you could say. Bowlign Green is an incredibly storied college hockey town, with a lot of greats coming from there, so this game is in my blood.

I'm counting the days until next season, and planning at least 1 trip to Montreal next season for some games.

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USERNAME: Habaliscious ;)

NAME: Tony B)

LIVE: Toronto :P

BORN: Toronto :blink:

AGE: 35 :angry:

FAVOURITE CURRENT HAB: Saku Koivu and Andrei Kostitsyn :o

FAVOURITE ALL TIME HAB: Patrick Roy :blink:

OTHER FAVE TEAMS: AC Milan/Denver Broncos/Italian National Team(Soccer)/Canadian National Team(Hockey)

FONDEST MEMORY: Saku Koivu's comeback game after beating cancer :D

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I'm PETERV, originally from Syracuse, NY and a lifelong Habs fan, currently living in Massachusetts.

Favorite all-time Habs: Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur, Shayne Corson.

Current Favorites: Alex Kovalev, Ryan O'Byrne. (I have one of his game-worn jerseys!)

Nickname: bostonantifan - given to me by co-workers in Boston, since my favorite teams are the Habs, Yankees, Green Bay Packers, and LA Lakers!

I own a forum seat that I sat in during a Habs - Penguins game the year before the Forum closed.

Here's to the 2008-09 season, and hopefully Cup #25!

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LIVE: Switzerland

BORN: Dominican Republic

AGE: 28 (I'm getting too old for my taste)

FAVOURITE CURRENT HAB: Kovalev, Plekanec & AK46 :)

FAVOURITE ALL TIME HAB: Maurice "The Rocket" Richard

OTHER FAVE TEAMS: None. Habs all the way !!!!!

FONDEST MEMORY: Mtl beating 1st seeded Boston after trailing 3-1 in the first round !!! My oh my, I remember I lost my voice, litteraly !!!!

So, born in Dominican Republic, lived 13 years in beautiful Montréal, and moved to Switzerlad just in time to see the Habs play good finally... oh who cares, they're good !!!!

Go Habs Go !!!!

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Hello, hello, hello! I may or may not be Harlan Clark. I am a fan of the Montréal Canadiens. I have been since conception. I was born 29th June, 1989 and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My father was a Brunes fan then - but I've since converted him to Hab fandom. Mom, God rest her, was a Leaf fan... So you could imagine the scorn I got when I told them I was a Habs fan... Yeesh! The best day of my life, thus far, was when Roy led us the the Cup in `93, the second best day was when the Bull Dogs became Montréal's farm team. I now live in Delta, British Columbia... I'm surrounded by diluted Canucks fans. Put simply, this team is my whole life. My heart and soul. My girl friend is happy to share, as I made sure to find myself a nice Canadiens fan out here. :D I look forward to meeting you all and having a good series of conversations.

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Hi my name is Chris and I live in Washington where Carey Price and new Canadien Shawn Belle played junior hockey for the Tri City Americans.

My fave hab is Carey Price as he did help the Canadiens go a long way in the playoffs last year.

Hope this year's run is a good as last years.

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Name: Anthony

Born: Bronx, NY

Live: Mahopac, NY

Age: 33

Favorite current Hab: Saku Koivu

Favorite all time Hab(s): Claude Lemieux, Patrick Roy

Why I like the Habs: My dad died when I was 18 months old, and my mom remarried on May 24, 1986. Does that date sound familiar to anyone?

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Welcome aboard one and all
real name : jeff

favorite teams: habs & flyers

born: bogota coloumbia south america

lived in pensacola & other beach towns most of my life.

age : 40 :o

i have been to montreal twice and fell in love w/ you great city. hope to move there someday.

i have been a member here for a while, had to leave as i had family / personall reason's and a host of surfing contest to enter . would be great to meet all of you one day. take care. go habs !!

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