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Hey guys.

Turkish hockey fan here. Moved to Montreal two months ago but I was already a pretty big fan of hockey in Turkey(I discovered ice hockey from a canadian tourist 2 years ago :) ). I'm 17 years old.

Favorite player? Maxim Lapierre in the Canadiens, Joe Sakic in the NHL and the Big Bird All-time favorite.

The Blackhawks of Chicago are my second fav team.

Go habs go.

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my name's Scott, i'm from a small town in southwestern ontario...usually outnumbered by leaf fans, though in my family, there's three habs fans and one leaf fan (that's only including the males, however...the females are not really into hockey)

my favourite player is Alex Kovalev, seconded closely by Chris Higgins. i just love their sleek stickhandling and especially Kovalev's trademark powerplay move.

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Username: M641

Real Name: Michael

Age: 14

Gender: Male

City: Ottawa, Canada.

My other favorite teams are Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks, Canucks mainly for Roberto Luongo.

I hope to have fun here, which I most likely will because it's a Habs forum. c'mon.

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Username: Adria

Real Name: Adria

Live: Victoria, BC

Born: Victoria

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Favorite Team: Canucks :ph34r:

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: Koivu

Yes, I'm a Canucks fan. But I come in peace! It's a toss-up between the Habs and Sens for my favorite eastern Cdn team. I'll be in Montreal for the Canucks game this year and hope to spend a couple days seeing the city.

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Username: dthayer

Real Name: Dan

Live: Hamilton, ON

Born: Toronto, ON

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Favorite Team: Canadiens (obviously!!)

Favourite Current Hab: Kovalev

Favourite All time Hab: too many to list...

i live just outside of hamilton ontario in "leaf nation" - or whats left of it anyways. I try to see the habs in toronto and buffalo as often as i can. I have never yet made it to the great city of Montreal...but hopefully this season. (despite missing out on getting tickets last wednesday... i guess theres always ebay )

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Hey guys.

Turkish hockey fan here. Moved to Montreal two months ago but I was already a pretty big fan of hockey in Turkey(I discovered ice hockey from a canadian tourist 2 years ago :) ). I'm 17 years old.

Favorite player? Maxim Lapierre in the Canadiens, Joe Sakic in the NHL and the Big Bird All-time favorite.

The Blackhawks of Chicago are my second fav team.

Go habs go.

Turkey?!?! How in the world did you become a hockey fan there? Do they even have electricity in Turkey?

---Just kidding. It never stops amazing me how far across the globe Habs fans keep popping up.

Welcome to the forum!

p.s. Do they have bananas in Turkey?

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Hey everyone! Signed up several days ago and finally got validated today, so i can start posting like mad :D

Username: King_Komisarek

Real Name: Jack

Ethnicity: Polish (was going to write "king" in polish in my username, but i'm sure i'd get sick of looking for the accented letter o after a while :P)

Born and lived here in montreal all 19 years of my life.

Naturally, and most importantly, i'm a habs fan ;)

Favorite players on the habs are: Kovalev, Komisarek, Kostopoulos

But of course, i like all the players on the team really :P

Besides the habs i'm not sure what team i like anymore; i used to like the SJ sharks, so i guess i'm still alright with them, and i like the Canucks (i'll like em more without sundin).

And for this season here i'm actually looking forward to seeing how the lightning do with all the adjustments they've made over the off-season (and stamkos :lol: )

If i think of anything else i can add i'll edit this later :P

Always up for a good chat (or a bad one if need be) as i'm one of those people who love talking ;o

EDIT: Oh yeah, i like to use smilies quite a bit :blush:

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Username: Flying Lion

Real Name: Tylor

Live: Yellowknife, NT (was in Hfx, NS and am returning after this season)

Born: Yellowknife, NT

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Favorite Team: um ... that's a trick question, right?

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu: heart, soul, strength

Favourite All time Hab: Guy LaFleur

I just tried to start a thread where we can share the reasons why we're fans of the Canadiens so I won't go into it here. Maybe it'll last long enough for you to share some of your stories.

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How's it going everyone?

Name is Brandon Rae, but I go under the alias verteBRae.

I am a diehard Habs fan ever since I was a fetus (Haha).

Not only will I be looking forward to a lot of good discussion here, but I also will provide some graphics/signatures for anyone who wants.

Just leave me a PM if you are interested. Here is some of my work.







Look forward to making this my home for Habs talk!

Go Habs Go!

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Greetings fellow followers of Le Bleu-Blanc-et-Rouge...

...lifelong Habs fan - my obsession began in 1970.

All Time Favorite Player: Jean Beliveau

Current Favorite Player: Alexei Kovalev

In the era of the franchise relocation carousel, it is an honor to be a fan of the most storied franchise in NHL history.

Celebrating 100 Years of Hockey Excellence!

Go Habs! This is the year for #25!

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Hey all!

I've loved the Habs my whole life, lived all over Canada including Saskatoon, Calgary, Fredricton and now Vancouver. Waving the flag for the Canadiens wherever I go.

Decided to post my opinions in a blog which I just recently started, link to it through my signature if you are interested.

Glad to be celebrating 100 seasons, and hoping to make it out to Montreal, one of the greatest cities in the world, to see a game this year.

Go Habs Go!

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Hello from Hoosierland: Indianapolis, Indiana. Lifelong Habs fan signing in for the first time.

I first started watching the NHL down here in 1974. I remember wanting a Boston Bruins jersey that Christmas, because I liked their colors. The catalog store didn't have them, so my mom bought me a Buffalo Sabres instead. When I first saw it, I liked the old blue/gold scheme so much I thought I'd become a diehard Sabres fan.

Well, ABC back then showed games on Sunday afternoons. I got to start seeing the Canadiens quite often because they were such a dominant team then, and quickly became a diehard Montreal fan, Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, etc.

I finally got to visit Montreal in 1989, albeit only for a day. But that was enough to fall in love with the city. The Flames were my 2nd favorite team that year, so I didn't mind tremendously when they won the Cup. My two favorites were playing, so I was happy either way. Montreal has always been my first favorite however. I loved watching them beat LA and Gretzky, as I was offended by Gretzky abandoning Edmonton for US dollars at the time. I've always preferred Canadian teams to US ones, so that makes me an anomoly down here. For that matter, being an NHL fan in Indianapolis makes me an anomoly also.

I had subscribed to Directv since 1995 to follow hockey, but had to cancel it two years ago due to financial difficulties. I'm back on my feet now however, have picked Directv back up, and I have the Center Ice package once again to follow Montreal.

I work 2nd shift, so I'll DVR the Habs games and watch them as soon as I get home. I'm looking forward to following the Habs this season, and corresponding with other fans here. At some point I hope to at least buy the first disk of the Rosetta Stone for French, so I can converse some in that language when I visit Montreal again, and I will visit again.

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username: EJ

real name: EJ

Live: Saint John N.B.

Born: Same

Age: 43

Favourite Current Hab: Higgins

Favourite All time Habs: 77-78 Team but Guy Lafleur was the man.

I have been a lifelong fan and really appreciate that Montreal is never content with a middle of the road team. I don't agree with all their moves, (Reibero comes to mind) but at least they continue to try and win the cup back. We only lend it out from time to time to keep things interesting :-)

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Hi EJ, I'm from Saint John too, now living in Moncton...

I've been a Habs fan since 1993 (I was 12), and this year I'm finally going to Montreal to see a couple of games for the first time!!!

Anyway, I've been lurking here for the past several months and will probably continue to lurk much more than I post, but I just wanted to say hi...

And - despite the lovely picture of Kovy in my avatar (and the fact that I bought La Semaine this week), I'm absolutely not a puck bunny (can't stand them, actually) - just wanted to make that clear! :D

Je parle aussi français mais je ne vois pas de place pour m'introduire sur le côté français...

PS I tried to post this about 15 minutes ago and it didn't seem to work so I'm trying it again, just in case it double posts.

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Username: Gump

Real Name: Bob

Live: Orlando

Born: Boston (not by choice)

Age: Old

Favourite Current Hab: Kovalev

Favourite All time Habs: Gump Worsley & Jean Beliveau

Last Words: "My Face is My Mask"

welcome. your 'gumperisms' are priceless. this one's my favourite (the rangers give me a lot of trouble too :P ):

Early in his career with the Rangers, when he was regularly facing 40–50 shots a night, he was asked; "Which team gives you the most trouble?" Gumper's reply - "The New York Rangers."


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Hi folks;

Name; Robert

Born; NFLD


Habs fan ever since I could watch hockey.

Age; 28

Fav current Hab; Kovy

All time; Roy

Favorite quote; Roy was asked by a reporter who he would prefer to face on a breakaway- Gretzky or Lemieux?

He promptly replied " Doesn't matter, I'll stop them both"

That or the Roenick comment" I can't hear him, my 2 stanley cup rings are plugging my ears"

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Being a Habs fan in Vancouver is a funny thing. There are a lot of us , but ever since the Canucks (what colours are they wearing this year?) got a little more competitive , we take a lot more abuse than we ever used to. I'm 38 now , and my earliest memories of the Canadiens are like most ...Saturday nights on TV. I remember using my little tape recorder and taping Danny Gallivan's play by play of a game against the Bruins and then playing it back and acting it out in the basement. I remember standing in the crease leaning on my stick just like Ken Dryden (every kid wanted to be a goalie right ?) I am ashamed to admit it but I must; there was a dark period from around '78 to 81 where I actually disliked,there I said it,the Habs. I remember my reasoning was that they just won too much. Crazy eh? Up to that poit I just liked the Canucks and was pretty much indifferent about the Habs. Things changed forever when in 1984 , the Canadiens were underdogs. I, for some unknown reason, cheered for the Bruins ( I know !?) for a year or so and was watching them play Montreal in the playoffs that year. I will never forget the exact moment I became a Hab fan forever. Mario Tremblay scored and I cheered out loud....I surprised myself. Consider me signed sealed and delivered. It was wierd but it all came on at once. They were the underdogs. It all came together for me all of a sudden. My grandfather was born and raised in Montreal. My mom was a war baby born in England but grew up in Montreal. My grandad saw the Canadiens play the Maroons in the Forum for crying out loud. I could not get enough of his stories all of a sudden. I guess I was finally at the point where I was ready to appreciate them for a change. He was on a bus coming home from work when the Richard Riots broke out. Now that I think about it I should interview him with a tape recorder, he's in his mid 80's now.

Claude Lemieux was my hero at that time. As I remember , one of , if not his very first game was on TV on a Saturday night. I loved his energy instantly. I proudly walked the halls of my high school with my prized possesion, a Habs home jersey with #32 Lemieux stitched on it !! Remembering how hated he was ( this is Vancouver remember),that was a very controversial jersey to wear to school ! The Cup run in 1986 was of course euphoria ( Lemieux's overtime winner in game 7 against Hartford remains as maybe my favourite goal of all time, I did a project on that goal for french class that year). I was glued to every second of that entire run. Hab playoff results became the determining factor of how my day/week was going to go. My parents hated it ! 1993, say no more...10 overtime wins ? I could barely watch.......

Wow, I have really rambled here. Has anyone actually read this far ? I could go on, but I am very excited about the club this year,and me and my Grandad ( and my uncle and my brother in law ) will be flying the flag proudly in Vancouver , for this year and forever. Go Habs Go.

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