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Name : S. Orr

Username: s_lebeau, as in Stephan Lebeau ('member him?)

Age: 36

Live: A little mill town in BC (Canal Flats), but I've lived all over Canada (not Montreal... yet)... raised in Saskatoon, SK.

I've been a fan of the Canadiens for as long as I can remember... my dad says we're related to Bobby Orr, so I'm going against the grain by NOT cheering for Boston. When I was young, my dad's friends used to come over and bring me posters of Larry Robinson and Guy Lafleur. They swayed me early, and I've been a Hab fan ever since.

Favorite Players of all time: Carbonneau, Roy, Denis Savard

Favorite Current Players: Kovalev, Markov, Kostopolous (NOT Carey Price!)

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Born: Belleville, Ont. 1978

Live: Near Vancouver British Columbia.

My father and grandfather were and are habs fans.

Fav player when i was a kid : Stephane Richer

Fav Player now: I guess Kovalev or kostitsyn; we been so starved for a superstar 50 goal scorer its not even funny.

Proudly talkin smack about the vancouver canucks since 1986.

Fav moment: When montreal won the cup in 93; I ran outside with my hockey stick and saw my buddy up the street who was also a habs fan running up to my place with his stick. We played hockey till after dark that night.

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Hi HABS FANS! It's about time that I introduce myself.


hello everyone. i have been on this board before , but i have been gone for quite a while. i have been working w/ missions in south america & also in england. here is to hoping that the habs go farther this year in the playoffs. take care, jeff.

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Born: Oslo, Norway 1977

Live: Oslo, Norway

Fav player when i was a kid : Wayne Gretzky (i know, never played for the habs, but still, he's THE reason why I'm watching this game)

Fav Player now: A Kovalev and Mike Komisarek

Fav moment: turning 0-5 into 6-5 against the Ragners last year!

Hello from Norway here :) My favorite team was actually the Quebec Nordiques, but after Colorado took it over, I turned into a Habs fan, and never looked back! Finaly we can now watch every single NHL game through europe.espn360.com web tv, which forces me to stay up late nights watching real hockey. I got one eye on the Columbus Blue Jackets, since that is the only team in NHL which has a norwegian player at the moment (I don't blame them :P )

I wish you all the best, and good luck in the last few games of the season, and right now I'm hoping for a 6th place in the conference so we can meet NJD (6 straight losses as we speak) in the first round :)

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User name: Mongoose

Live: Boston, MA

Born: Boston, MA

Age: 35, Male

Favorite Current Hab: Price

Favorite All time Hab: Patrick Roy, The Flower

Favorite Moment As a Fan: Watching Patrick Hoist the Cup

I have been a Habs fan for awhile now, but I live in the middle of Bruins country, but I have always been a closet fan since I was a kid. I love these boards they are very nice and I look forward to getting to know all the other great Habs fans here.

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Hey Folks! My FIRST post here!!! Just thought I'd say HI.

Username: Mitch5150 (Mitch is fine)

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Age: 20

Favourite Player: AK27, Alexei Kovalev

Favourite All Time Hab: I haven't been a fan long enough to have a long time favourite but after reading about the history I'd have to go with either Gainey or Lafleur

Favourite Habs Moments: Again, I haven't been a fan long enough to have a REALLY great moment, but this past Saturday (I was at the game in Toronto) seeing Kovalev score that first goal, top shelf over Gerber's glove side just put the biggest smile on my face. I had seen the Habs live 3 times prior to that (2x in Toronto and once in Buffalo) but I hadn't seen Kovy score. Seeing that made my night. What a shot!

And is anybody else just depressed about Andrei and Mathieu? I mean we were hitting our stride again and then those 2 go down. But seeing Boston and NJ slumping is a GREAT sign. I just how we can shore up our PP a bit.

And to be perfectly honest, and some people might not like me saying this, they should KEEP HALAK IN NET. Halak has been pretty solid in MOST of the games he has played this year whereas Carey is hot/cold. I don't know that's just my opinion.

Anyways....my first post...cool to be here....and Let's go Les Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. Halte là, halte là, halte là, les Canadiens, les Canadiens. Halte là, halte là, halte là, les Canadiens, sont là. Les Canadiens, les Canadiens sont là!

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Name: Jamie

Age: 25

Live: Liverpool, England

Fav Current Player: Koivu

Fav All Time Player: Patrick Roy

Fav Moment: When the Habs came from 5-0 down to win 6-5 against the Rangers!!

I can't honestly say I have supported the Habs my whole life. I started when I first began player Ice-Hockey and Roller Hockey at the age of 12.

I began watching NHL on satelite and fell in love with the style, history and passion of the Canadiens and have supported them ever since!

England can be a pretty lonely place to be as a hockey fan! Born in the wrong country i think! :( But going to Montreal and watching a game at the centre bell is on my list of things to do before I die!

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I'm a Swede, living in Sweden. I feel in love with the fans. You're amazing. You're dedication always makes me smile. People in Sweden are not nearly so crazy like you. I'm actually considering to leave Sweden ot live in Canada. I like your people, nice, friendly.

I watch every game I can on ESPN America. When it's time for viewers choice with a match with Canadiens, then I'm going to ask for your help to with the voting. :-D

Go Habs, go!


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hello hab fans.

Im 54 years old and have always supported and cheered for the team.

I have never seen a live game but hopfully next season.

I dont mind losing a few games BUT NEVER TO THE LEAFS.

My gut tells me that the Bruins are in for one hell of a ride and will be eliminated in 6 games.

Favourite player just to many to come up with just 1, ferguson, steve shutt, lafleur, dryden, pocket rocket and now kovalev, marcov, and cary price.

See you in the fan forum

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I am Mahlzahn from Hamm in Germany, 25 years old. The Habs were always my favorite team when we played NHL video games back in the days, although i never saw a game before...There hasn´t been a possibility to watch the games here in german TV when i was younger. But with the emergence of the internet i finally got the possibility to see my favorite team play...and i love it!!! I am huge fan now for several years and spent lots of long nights in front of my PC watching the games! I hope we´ll have a great game tonight against the Bruins and can tie the series!

GO Habs GO

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I am a lifelong Habs fan. I grew up near Lake Placid, NY. I'm currently living in Wyoming and can only watch on TV these days.

Age: younger than Dryden, older than Roy ;)

Favorite player: there are so many!! Geoffrion

Favorite moment: getting a chance to meet Geoffrion - what a gentleman.

Favorite current player: Alex Tanguay

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Cant say im a "had fan" for say but i do like the team

Born in ukraine, live in vancouver, Student RN

Fav habs player of all time: Vincent Damphousse

First habs memory: had a penpall in elementary school from MTL and he had cool pic of being in the arena on the ice and stull like that.

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Name: Derrick

Age: 38

Live In: Saskatoon

Favourite Hab..Alltime: Check the username

Favourite Current Hab: Kovalev

Favourite Hab Moment: the five goal comeback was amazing and coming back in '04 from 3-1 was something else but seeing the ovation the Rocket got that night in the old Forum was beyond words!

Became a Hab fan because: I barely remember watching them in the late 70's but they just seemed so unstoppable...

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Hi everyone, My name is Steve. I was born in Canandaigua, New York and now live in Port St. Lucie Florida..


Habs fan...over 40 years

Favorite Canadien of all time......all of them, they all helped to make this the team we all love.

Favorite Canadiens moment....while in Toronto in 1977 to watch the Habs beat the Leafs, after the game we went to go look for a place to tip a few, as we rounded the corner of Carlton and Church Street, I told my buddy that they guy walking ahead of us looked like Yvon Lambert. We turned the corner and there were the Canadiens on the sidewalk waiting for their bus that was late to take them back to their hotel. We got to meet, shake hands and talk to Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, Steve Shutt, Guy Lafleur, Serge Savard and the rest of the team. It was like a dream come true!!

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Hiya Habs fans,

Ice Hockey isn't big in England but I fell in love with the sport recently after getting ESPN America and NHL 09 and as girls from Quebec have the best accent in the world I decided to follow Montreal Canadiens without knowing anything about their amazing history. Well, it might have been a fatuous reason for supporting the Habs but since watching them I've become truly hooked. My Canadiens puck sits proudly on my desk at work raising much interest amongst my co-workers who've never seen one before. I'm slowly turning my friends onto Hockey too (though one's already fallen to the Detroit Red Wings!) and we're gonna play some NHL 09 instead of FIFA 09 for a change. I can't wait for the start of next season and as far as the disappointment of falling short this season goes just remember; form is temporary, class is permanent.

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