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I have been a Habs fan since they were underdogs to the Big Bad Bruins in the playoffs in spring '71. They are again underdogs to achieve much of anything, but I am confident with Gainey at the helm, that a winning team is just around the corner, returning the team to glory. I am a male, living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. d_nilo@hotmail.com if anyone wants to communicate about the Habs! They need to trade/develop a tough defenceman and find a pure scorer.

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Guest Leafasaurus-rex_Fan

Username: Leafasaurus-rex_Fan

Real Name: Anton

Live: Aurora, ON

Born: Minsk

Favourite Current Leaf: O'Neill, Tucker.

Favourite All time Leaf: Sittler

Favourite Prospect: the Kostitsyns, Pogge

I think I'm the only Leafs fan.... Also is it okay that I posted here because it says:

Habs Fans Introduce Yourselves
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Guest diehardhabfan

Username: diehardhabfan

Real Name: Philip

Live: Dauphin, Manitoba

Born: Brandon, Manitoba

Age: 16

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu, Kovalev

Favourite All time Hab: Beliveau, LaFleur

Favourite Hab Prospect: Mikhail Grabovsky

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Guest Lovesmyhabs

Username: lovesmyhabs

Real Name: Melissa Hicks

Live: Edmonton

Born: Halifax

Age: 22

Favourite Current Hab: Saku Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: Maurice Richard

Last Words: get er done boys!

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Name-Mark S.

Age 38

Born and Raised in Howick, Que.

Have lived in Ontario for 16 years

Favourite current Habs---Kovalev-Ryder-Begin

Favourite all time Habs--Gainey-Englomb-Naslund-Lapointe-Tremblay

Favourite Prospect--Chipchura-Grabovski -Emelin (spelling)

What I want to see this year from the Habs---Better penalty kill, consistent scoring from Ryder, Higgins to continue his progress, NO goalie contraversy, NO MORE highlights of Great goals on TSN that include Sheldon Souray!

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Username: Manorrd

Real Name: Tom Amyotte

Live: Cannes, France

Born: Belleville, ON (like Bobby Hull!)

Age: 43

Favourite Current Hab: Critobal Huet

Favourite All time Hab: Jean Béliveau

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Name: Jeff Brewer


I have been a Leaf fan all my life, and I'm sick of it. MLSE does not want to win a Cup, they wnat to make money. I love everything about the city of Montreal and its culture, and ever since my first visit I found myself becoming more and more attached to the Habs. I have finally converted, and I can't wait to start my first season as a fan of a franchise that actually wants to win.

Favorite current Habs: Michael Ryder, Francis Bouillon, Steve Bégin.

Favorite all time Hab: Guy Carbonneau

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Guest voicemajor2000


John from Windsor Ontario.

30yrs old.

It's hard being a Habs fan down here in the Leafs/Red Wings belt, but I have stayed tried and true. I think there is a good team this year. Definitely a lot of speed, and I hope our boys will use it to their advantage. Hoping Kovy and Captain K can get it going. Sammy provides some good depth scoring, and I hope Begin keep working his butt off. Good to met you habsfans, and Maybe I'll see you at a game. I am an opera singer, and got a call about maybe even singing anthems for some Habs home games this year. Fingers crossed!

favourite habs of all time: Carbonneau, Muller

favourite Current Hab: Koivu, Kovalev, Souray

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Guest LarryRobinson

Name: Eric

Born: Pittsburgh, PA

Age: 26

Live: NYC, NY

Life long Habs fan. My father was born in Montreal, and my extended family all still live there. Childhood memories of being at some family function in Montreal for the 86 Championship, staying up late for those crazy overtime thrillers in 93'. Back then I loved Desjardin and Carboneau, now Higgins and Komiserak.

Anyone looking to catch a game in NYC I am in the process of getting some Devils v Habs, and Rangers v Habs tickets. Look forward to another great year on this forum, last year was a thrill.

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Guest Hermesfani


Username: Hermesfani

Real name: Teemu

Location: Oulu, Finland

Age: 21 (soon 22)

What other.. chemistry student in the university of Oulu. The city of Kärpät! :D They are my favourite team in our national main league. Anyway my biggest favourite team here in Finland is Hermes, they come from Kokkola, the city which is located pretty close to where I was born. By the way, Hermes colours are pretty equal with Montreal! :Dwww.hermesht.com there you can see. Because I'm here, don't ask me what's my favourite NHL team! :D

EDIT If anyone is interested to write me, you are welcome! If you are between 17-25 years. No matter boy or girl. Lets talk "private" about hockey and everything!

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Username: duh

Real Name: Randal

Born: Montreal, PQ

Live: Mississauga, ON ( please don't hold this against me )

Age: 26

Habs fan all my life.... make 6 - 10 trips a year to catch games, and I'm pretty excited about the talent we have, as well as the talent on it's way. I had season tickets to the Bulldogs last season, and it was a joy to watch what we have in store!

Fav Hab: None... it's about the C on the chest, not the name on the back!

Tricolour jusqu'au bout!

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Heya I'm new here I've been following the Habs since i was 13, almost 6 years filled with ups and downs. ;-)

Real name : Per Anders Kallstrom, people call me Pete

Fav current hab : Mike Komisarek... odd, I know. People say I look exactly like him.

Fav former hab : Mats Naslund

Living in Montreal Quebec. Used to live in Gothenburg, Sweden but moved here as a kid so I don't remember much.

I've got a good grasp of english and french but not of swedish, my dad is giving me lessons so it's all good.

Jag alskar Canadiens :D

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Finally Habs hockey is set to begin again. Every year is a long wait. I've been a Montreal fan since the early 1960's. I lived in Montreal when I was a boy, but have been in the middle of Leafs Nation (Ontario) for most of my life. It's usually a sea of Leafs Blue and white here, but the Tri-colour of the glorious Montreal Canadiens does shine bright. GO HABS GO. It's the DRIVE FOR TWENTY-FIVE again!!

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VT Habs fan here

Name: Barry

Age: 40

Live: Stowe Vermont

Favorite Hab would be Carbo for Montreal and Dallas years. Skill plus craftiness always works for me.

Hockey fan for 35 years or so, and a Texan who moved to Vermont to escape Dallas heat and traffic and population.

Now raising a family in the mountains of Vermont. I'm still a Stars fan first (STH in Dallas for 8 years thru the Cup--Thanks Bob and Guy), but I've followed the Habs since the early 70s. Even managed to get to a couple of games at the Forum before the wrecking ball hit. What a travesty that was.

Attend 6-10 home games per year at the Bell Centre, and REALLY love the fact that my young son is being raised with the Habs as his home team. Just gotta break him of that damn Mighty Ducks thing that all kids get suckered into.

If there are any STH on here that occassionally sell Reds I'd love to hear from you, since I was only able to get a couple of games via admission.com before all the games sold out. 3+ hours each way is too far to drive with a youngster on the chance of scalping outside.

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Guest SpecialK

Username: SpecialK

Real Name: ummm, it's the internet.

Live: Connecticut, USA

Born: NY (not the city)

Age: 31

Favourite Current Hab: Alexie Kovalev

Favourite All time Hab: Huh?

Last Words: Ole, Ole Ole ole, ole ole.

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