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Hey thanks for those kind words ryderfan

And mateus, definitive MN=0 party although I hope we can summon more individuals this year!

sir yes sir!

we'll just have to make sure they dont beg you to do there taxes:lol:


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god i love random comments of the sort...imagine all the lil kiddies going: what the hell...?

...wow i seriously need to do something during my 4 horus breaks...



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Guest FlHabsFan

User Name: FlHabsFan

Real Name: Douglas

Age: 34

All Time Favorite Hab: Patrick Roy

Current Fav: Huet

Born: Albany, NY

Live: Lakeland Florida (Though im waiting for my company to allow me to transfer/imigrate to Ontario where I will be living in Barrie)

Really only got into hockey when I lived up in NY for a 2nd time back in 1990. Have lived most of my life in florida, and hockey really isnt pushed down here. Even after winning the cup, there isnt much of a push down here. Got into the sport when I went to see an islanders game ironically. Had a bunch of friends who were Habs fan, and they pretty much recruited me as a fan. Been one ever since. Still have yet to make it the Molson Center/Bell Center for a game. As much as I want to, it just hasnt happened.

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Didnt see a "noob" thread where peeps can introduce themselves so a bit about be not to get off topic though. I have been a hab's fan since 1986 when Roy took the cup in his rookie year, I remember at 9 years of age I was watching Montreal battle the Flames tell the wee hours of the night and almost got in trouble from my mom but she let me stay up past midnight i believe it was (overtime) i was so angry when they lost.

Fast forward to 1993 I was a teen and ontop of the world and the envy of my friends that i played hockey with as my Habs took the cup thanks to Mr. Roy again!

I just started watching hockey again around 2001 or 2002 ish after not watching since 1997. After the whole Roy thing I gave Thibault a chance but our team was on hard times after the trade.

Fast forward to 2001-current I am really enjoying not only the game of hockey again but the HABS, i watched us against the bruins years ago when kovalev Light them up and our team is really exciting this year i feel with a mix of vets plus Rooks on the rise.

I DO NOT WANT TO get anyone bored but OMG its just nostalgic feelings coming back to me as i sit here back as a hockey fan once again after more then four years of not watching.

The habs have held a place in my heart since i was a little kid I bought everything from cards, mini hockey sticks, patrick roy street hockey goalie mask to clothing. I am so glad that I renewed my passion for hockey and I can share my ups and downs with fellow Hab's fans again.

Sadly I only got to make it to the old Forum 9 times or so( lived in and around Toronot for most of my life) but I have been to the Bell Center a few times since becoming a hockey fan once again.

Last year at my place of employment I had told everyone about Huet and boy was I right I told him he will end up starting and become one of the best goalies in the NHL, it's just a shame hes a bit older and we didnt get him earlier and realize his potential.

Well I want to share many more memories please respond with yours!!!

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A bit more about me

26 years of age

Favorite Hab - Patrick Roy

Favorite Canadiens moment(s) - Our overtime streak from 1993, Patrick Roy's wink to that LA King, Meeting Rocket and talking to him, Meeting most of the 1993 Stanley Cup team.

Favorite past hab - Rocket Richard and Ken Dryden

Current Favorite Hab - Kovalev and Huet(predicted to my friends last year he would be a top tier goalie)

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Guest Monty11


my Name is Monty, iam 29 and from Germany.

I am a big Montreal Canadiens Fan since 1992.

My Favorite Player ist Saku Koivu.

If you`re interesstet to see my German Montreal Canadiens Fanpage

please visit:


Greetings from Germany


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Guest Monty11

Username: Monty11

Real Name: Sascha

Live: Cologne, Germany

Born: near Cologne, Germany

Age: 29

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: M. (Rocket) Richard

Last Words: Saku Koivu the real Finish Flash

visit my German Montreal Canadiens Fanpage: www.canadiens.de

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Guest Just Jen

Username: Just Jen

Real Name: Jenia

Live: Montreal

Age: 17

Favourite Current Hab: Chris Higgins & Saku Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: Saku Koivu & The Rocket

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hey im new just signed up been a hab fan since 1989 and the reign of king patrick

i now live in drummondville and am also rooting for the voltigeurs but i love the canadiens 1st and formost die hard fan....

name: Joe

favorite canadiens: King Patrick, Gilmour, "for breaking the penalty door glass" Huet "for coming through last year"

anyways just wanted to say hey to all the hab fans and will see u in the forums.

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Guest LeAfS sUcK ~1967~

I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a 15 year old hockey player from nova scotia, i have played the highest level hockey and i am a HUGE habs fan, dont let my age fool ya i am as big of habs fan as anyone and i almost get as much joy from toronto losses from habs victories.

The last time the habs won the cup i was two years old sitting on the coach watching with my dad lol, so my favorite memory of the habs has nothing to do with the habs at all.

I belive it was game 7 of round 2 toronto was hosting philladelphia and it went to overtime. Sam Kappenen got absolutly nailed at the blue line and scramled around for about 30 seconds having to evantually get his teammates to show him where the bench was. The play was still going with furious action and all of a sudden philly had a two on one break ronick had the puck he looked to pass keept it shot rop corner GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL leafs are out, man was i happy.

But anyways i am an undersized hockey player and need to put on some weight. So i have come up with a work out plan, Everytime the habs win i do ten pushups and situps a day, i started with ten so know with one win im at 20. Everytime i hit 50 i add lift weights, so when i am doing 50 push/situps i do one set of weight lifting a day, when i hit 100 i do another set and so on. You guys showed try it to, its a great way to get in shape and feel apart of the habs team. Eventually you will get very superstisous and you will need to do every signle push up or the habs wont win. SO heres hoping they can win 60

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Guest vegasrick

Hello, all!

Time to do this again, eh?

My name is Rick. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. (That's a long way to go to see a home game.)

I have high hopes for the new Hab team.

Some of my faves:

Favorite Hockey Team: Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Football Team: Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Basketball Team: Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Baseball Team: Montreal Canadiens

......well, you get the picture. How can anyone even WATCH baseball after they've been "hooked" with hockey????

Favorite Current Hab: Saku Koivu (he WILL raise the cup someday....soon)

Favorite All-Time Hab(s): Maurice Richard, Larry Robinson, GuyLaFleur......and can I add John LeClair?

Favorite Music: Whatever I'm playing......but I like high-energy stuff the most

Favorite Food: What? Who writes these questions???

OH, and kudos to "60islove" and all the other fans who make no excuses for being wild, crazy and *cool* loyal fans! What a community! Sure wish there were more Habs chicks where I live.

OK. Let's get down to business. Time to bring the cup home. We are fast. We are talented. Why not this year?

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Username: Sniper Niles

Real Name: Serge Niles

Live: Moncton, NB

Born: Moncton, NB

Age: 33

Favourite Current Hab: Koivu & Huet

Favourite All time Hab: Patrick Roy

Last Words: Red and Blue for ever

Alot of Nova Scotians here, nice to see the Habs Maritime contigent alive and well. New Brunswicker here, and die hard Habs Fan.

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I'm originaally from NB and I've been a habs fan since about 87 or 88. I presently live in a leafs market. Not fun.

favourite player growing up: Patrick Roy

favourite player all time: Patrick Roy

favourite player present: Huet, Ryder

greatest player all time(before my time) Beliveau, Rocket Richard, Dryden,

Lafleur, I could go on.

proudest moment: 1993 (do I need to explain)

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