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Chris from London Ontario here... Proud to wear the colours and **** off the Leaf fans. My favourite comment to a leaf fan is " how do you know it's fall? they look like dumbasses and say " don't know....how? " the response.....the Leafs are falling !!!!!

Looking forward to seeing Abby and Huet be the perfect 1-2 punch for Guy, Kirk and Doug behind the bench

The "Drive for 25" is alive and well....


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Guest Miltie01

It is great to see all the Habs fans, from around the coutry and the surprising amount from all over the world !!!! The world wide obsession.

It is also really nice to see all the younger fans. The future is well in hand. As it says in the locker room...TO YOU WITH FAILING HANDS WE PASS THE TORCH, BE IT YOURS TO HOLD HIGH !!!!

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Guest GoHabsGo35

Name: Timmy

Live: Sterling, VA

Born: Laval, Quebec

Age: 15

Favourite current Hab: Cristobal Huet

Favourite all time Hab: Patrick Roy

Bleu Blanc et Rouge!!!!!!

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Guest montreal_myk

Hey all Habs Fans

True story that made me a hcokey and habs fan. I live in Mtl, but never watched hockey. I got grounded one Saturday night when the habs played the nordiques in 93 first round of playoffs. watched that one game and now one of the proudest hab fans alive.

Name: Mike

Live: the most beautiful Montreal

Age 27

Likes: Ryder, Higgins (run into him everywhere), Koivu, ANd Markov

Good riddance to Ribeiro and Theo

ALso like, not love, like Vancouver Canucks

I am the biggest mouth when leafs come into town. what losers, proud people for nothing. sheep looking for a "nation" to join. i wipe my with leafs. can't wait till i go watch a game there in T.O

Habs fans, be loud and proud of the most beautiful city, that has the most beautiful women, nightlife, and home to the best hockey town in the world.

Oh and remember....no one comes into MTL wearing another team's jersey and gets away with it.


Welcome to the forum. Please read the rules as you have broken two of them in this post alone. Completing a word with symbols to by-pass the censor is just as bad as writing the word itself. Also, promoting the sell of whatever it might be for profit purposes is not allowed.



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Hi Habs Fans,

I'm tomram and I come from Munich in Germany.

I cheer for the habs since the 03-04 season, although it's not easy to follow the NHL here. Especially if you are a student and every game is at 1.30 in the night! But hey, it's the Habs;)

Why would I cheer for the Habs from here? Well I lived for about a year in Montreal and I just couldn't stopp watching....

My favourite player since last season is Tomas Plekanec.


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Guest Captain Koivu#11

User name: Captain Koivu#11

Real name: Alain Valliere

Born: Welland, Ontario, 1987

Grew up: Lovin the Habs (lol)

Live: Fonthill Ontario (about 6-7 hours away from home ice)

Favourite player(s): Koivu, Higgins, Souray, Ryder, Huet and Kovalev (not particularly (sp?) in that order.)

Favourite Hab of all time: The Rocket

Hey all! I've been a Habs fan all my life and I will be a Habs fan my whole life. I not only bleed red, but also blue and white.

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Guest Shutoutfan

Username: Shutoutfan

Real name: Paul Rieger

Born: Grossenhain(Saxony), Germany

Age: 21

Favourite current Hab: Alexander Perezhogin

Other Sport: Football (Bavaria Munich)

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User Name LaLoaf

Name Joe

Age OLD (43)

Home Rochester New York (GO AMERKS)

Fav Player Koivu

Fav Oldtymer Guy Lapointe & Patrick Roy

Fav Movie Halloween

Fav Food HOT chicken wings

Married with 2 daughters (18 & 12 )

I travel to monteal every year to watch a HAB game...great city!

See ya at thursdays or churchills !

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I just joined. I am 25 years old and I've been a habs fan since the day I was born in Pointe-Claire. I currently live in Chicago, so in order to see all the habs games I have to spend an arm and a leg on the NHL Centre Ice package but it's all worth it. I haven't been able to watch the habs on RDS in YEARS!

Tonight I am going to see them play the Hawks here in Chicago.

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user: girlhabsfan

real name: Tanya

Age: not polite to ask a lady...older than young, younger than old

Born: Verdun, transplanted to north of Toronto

Favourite current player: Ryder

Favourite all time: do I have to pick, close your eyes an point, almost anyone will do! Impressed by the tricks of Bill Durnan, and the fact that he was a goalie captain

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Guest Greek Hab

Username: Greek Hab

Real Name: Jonathan Sinoyiannis

Live: Whitby, Ontario

Born: Montréal, Québec

Age: 17

Favourite Current Hab: Saku Koivu

Favourite All time Hab: Steve Shutt

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Guest Habs1969

Username: Habs1969

Name: Andrew

Age: 43-Old enough to remember when helmets (and usually teeth) were optional

Live: Albany NY

Occupation: Contractor/Student

Favorite current Hab: Huet

Favorite all-time Hab(s): Guy Lafleur, Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard

Biggest regret: Never got to see the Habs play in The Forum :-(

Last Line: I'm pretty sure I shut the power off.....

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Guest Habs24Champions

Username: Habs24Champions

Real Name: Real

Live: Ludlow

Born: Springfield,Mass,USA

Age: 35

Favourite All time Hab: Guy Lafleur

Last Words: Go Habs Go

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Guest old whaler fan..go habs

Username............old whaler fan..go habs



Born....................Hartford,Ct....Mother,Father,Brothers were born in St.Georges du Beauce


Hockey fan..........since i was 5. Dad played goal (no mask)in a league called souther new england hockey league.Followed the habs since the late 60's until 1979 when the Whalers made their NHL debut.

I have played goal for the past 16 years and hopefully have few more years left.

favorite hab............Ken Dryden

Favorite hockey moments:

Whalers first NHL game

7 game series whale vs habs

1972 russia series

Worst hockey moments:

whalers last game

Carolina winning the cup

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Guest ALEX HABensky

Username............Alex HABensky

real name............ Alexander

live.....................Moscow, Montreal


Hockey fan..........since i was 8-9. My father was a big fan of Krilia Sovietov (Soviets wings) longtime before i was born and i suppose it came with blood.

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Username: Katse

Real Name: Cassandra

Born: Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Currently Living: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Age: 26

MSN: d9yaa@unb.ca

I'm a fourth generation Habs fan--it's obviously genetic in my family! I've subscribed to RDS on my satellite dish so I can see all the games this season...I find it bizarre Habs games are blacked out in the Atlantic provinces...I mean, Montreal is an 8 hour drive from here, it's not like many of us are really going to make it to games regularly!


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