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2 hours ago, Sparrz said:

Name: Sean Parr

Location: Kingston, ON

Born in Montreal though.

Favorite player: Lafleur #10

My HABs story:

I met Guy Lafleur, Larry Robinson & Yvon Cournouer in a bar when I was 8 years old. My mother worked there and I didn't have school that day so I went to the bar. Lol. Anyways this bar was a hangout for the habs in '78. I was sitting at the end of the bar and these finely dressed gents walked in and sauntered down towards me. All three sat down and ordered a drink with Guy sitting right beside me. He looked at me and said "Salute Mon Chum" and the man actually bought me a drink.... a Shirley Temple mind you. He has been my favorite player ever since. I only wear his number.

Nice to have you aboard. Hope you can jump in whenever you can and discuss your views on our Habs. :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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