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I think I saw the ovation on TV the day after, could not see it live on TV... because I was actually IN the building :D :D

I was lucky lol, I bought the tickets 1 month before.

Good old time

Edit : Could not find the video anywhere on the internet. It was removed from youtube for some reason. Instead here is a video of the Habs wining the '93 cup :D

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In an effort to keep the forum a little tidier, instead of posting videos in new threads, post them here; that way, we can keep it all together, and anyone interested in watching videos has a vast array to choose from, instead of having to skim the forum.

Thanks guys, and just remember, don't infringe upon any copyrights.

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Guest succorso

Does anyone know what the song is called and who it is by that is at the start of this video??

It's "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2

Guess I should also repost mine here:

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Guest jeaninbarrie

Just a suggestion to you Canadiens fans who want to watch this:

If you're wearing a hat - take it off, and if you're sitting down - stand up for this.

Nine Forever.:D

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