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11 Saku Koivu 06-07


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lol , not like we didnt have a shot

Mikko Koivu  Center  

Born Mar 12 1983 -- Turku, Finland  

Height 6.02 -- Weight 205 -- Shoots L    

Selected by Minnesota Wild round 1 #6 overall 2001 NHL Entry Draft

Wanna know who was selecting #7? uh, yeah, thats right, the Habs, whod we get?  

Mike Komisarek  Defense  

Born Jan 19 1982 -- West Islip, NY  

Height 6.04 -- Weight 237    

Selected by Montreal Canadiens round 1 #7 overall 2001 NHL Entry Draft


Sure id of liked to have Mikko, but without Komi, we look bad right now, a REAL bad

But i do know for a fact, that if mikko was avalable, Savard said he was drafting him without hesitation, and i heard he was pretty upset when mikko was drafted 1 spot before, Saku must of been pretty upset too

but 2001, we got mike at 7 and perezhogin at 25.

I love Mike, but it would have been nice to have Mikko, tough choice, maybe Mikko could play on the 2nd line.

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Guest habs4life!

Saku Koivu is a type of player who most people could only dream of being. In fact, he's a type of PERSON who most people could only wish they were.

The day I see Koivu's jersey retired and rightfully so, will be the day I will shed a tear for a great, great man.

There isnt anything more to be said. Even if he gets to a point where he scored 5 goals a year I will still cheer for him and would never trade him for anybody in this league. NEVER!

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Guest stevesaku
Yeah I have, she's certainly not with him for his good looks lol...must be a money issue lol.

whos wife are we talking about cause i know saku's wife isnt that great

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Guest keithman

Honestly Saku Koivu is a damn inspiration to all habs fans and the team itself.

He can score 1 goal a year but his presence on the ice means so much more

though i know he won't only score one

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Guest Captain Koivu#11
No need to worry about Sak, he always shows up, the ones to worry about are Samsonov, Pleks and Kovalev imo.

Pleks?? He shows up pretty much every game...

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Guest cooch_a_mania

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Saku Koivu

Happy Birthday to you hi sacu i'am yor bigest fan i watch you on TV all the time happy birthday saku

From:nicole courchesne your bigest fan in the world

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Guest habsgal

Saku and I share the same birthday today, Nov. 23rd.

Happy 32nd birthday Saku :D

On a side note: When I was in Montreal on meetings back in June, I took the tour of the Bell Centre. When we were shown the dressing room, we were not permitted to enter the room. We had to stand in the doorway. I didn't mind because I kept pinching myself because I couldn't believe that I was actually there. We gave our camera(s) to the guide and she took the picture of my request of Saku's stall. The room is not all that big. For some strange reason she turned down my second request with roaring laughter coming from the other tourists. The guide, who by the way was wearing a Saku sweater, God love her :D. I had asked her to show me where Saku shower's, lmao. It was only a joke and everyone got a kick out of that.

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