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32 Mark Streit 06-07


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Every game he just keeps getting better out there. I just hope Carbonneau keeps him on defence for the whole season instead of switching him back and worth which is what I think is holding him back.

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Guest ExNHLpro
I think you've forgotten 18.2.2006.......the guys from "hockey-nowhere" (a.k.a. Switzerland) defeated the Canadien Olympic team 2:0...

How could I forget that? I mean't it sarcastically, just in case somebody thinks that's how I think.

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Guest Handlanger
Based on what I saw tonight, it would be a shame if Streit wasn't Hamrlik's partner when the season starts.

Exactly. And enough said. Another great game by Streit and what a beauty of a goal! Wow... from the blueline snapped into the net...

Wow... I watch that slowmotion of Mark's goal again and again.... it was not the hardest shot: But swiss precision work... right in the left high corner of the net... amazing beauty!

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