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I do miss sheldon & god can you imagine a top 4 of Markov-Komi, Hamrlik-Souray!! But alas he was offered waaaay too much money to play as our #4. I think most of us agree Hamrlik is a huge upgrade but its still sad to see him gone. ;)

Beside a solid veteran defensive defenseman like Hammer, Souray would have been great! But that would be a lot of money on our defense.

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Right about now I miss just about every ex-Hab still in the league: Souray, Streit, Hainsey, Beauchemin, Robidas, Rivet, Ribeiro, hell even Samsonov did something tonight half our team can't seem to manage

Yeah, although Samsonov only did something because he had the desire to prove to Montreal that he can still be valuable to a team, which is quite ironic when you think about it. Samsonov has exactly 1 goal since signing that 3 year contract. It seems that at least for Sammy-boy, hockey's not worth playing unless it's to show up your old team, or of course you're in a contract year, like Sammy was last season. I've never seen a player that plays so well when it's for $$$, only to stop playing once they have those $$$. Only other person you could compare him to is Nikolai Khabiboulin.

Penner may slack on the conditioning aspect, as did Kyle Well-fed, but at least they sometimes play with heart (well, I know Wellwood can from time to time).

You shouldn't really be missing Hainsey, Beauchemin or Ribeiro though, since Hainsey barely played for us, as did Beauchemin (two games? that's not even enough to qualify him as a part time hab...Olivier Michaud played half of that in his whole Hab career..which was one game! Do you also miss Thomas Vokoun??? :P). Lastly, Ribeiro seemed to be quite the git, which usually doesn't change. Remember that shameful twitching/diving display he performed with his back on the ice against Boston in the playoffs? I do miss Souray, Streit and Rivet, though.

Still, without losing Streit, I don't think we'd have Robert Lang. As much as I like Laraque, I think he's become an unecessary expense (at least until playoff time). If Laraque and Dandenault's inflated contracts weren't weighing down the cap room, we could probably have both Streit and Lang.

I must say I'm really missing Mark Streit; that guy was one of my favorite Canadiens.

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