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*The one who answers last wins*

Guest LE big fan

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Not you, either.

hey Clues,,,,,I'll have you know that I have instructed my heirs to carry-on with this thread in my name, so that I WILL win :D

You,,,my dear ( :lol: ), will fall of the planet. :(

That leaves me. Now you and Kinot can move along to another thread. :D

Your joking ,,,,,right? :lol:

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Guest habs1952

well I tried

I'm now on Habs1952's side.

I trust you as far as I could throw you. Go back and help Kinot. :)

she knows how to bury bodies, :lol:

Don't know if Clues knows how to bury bodies but she could certainly take some good pictures of dead bodies and post them. :lol: :lol:

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