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True. If I gave you ban powers for a day, I assume I'd be your first victim.

First off, I can't imagine that you would be so foolish, as to give me ban powers,,,,,but, then again,, maybe you are :lol: .

Let me give you an analogy. Most of us have been to a fair or arcade, and in doing so, we have seen a game that's called "Whack-a-Mole". The idea is that you take the mallet and hit as many moles as you can, as they pop up out of their holes before time expires. You don't wait for a particular mole to pop up, you just hit the first one that you see. If you wait for a certain mole to pop up, you will lose the game, by not hitting the rest of the moles.

I would have the mallet (ban button), and the moles (mods/admins), would have to take their chances on who would be the first to "pop up". B)

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This is how I envision the "whack a mole" scenario actually playing out.



Sounds about right. :P

Step right up ladies & gentlemen.

Whack five moles mods & win this life size blamekinot doll. But be careful whack an admin & it's game over but hey you can always blame.....

You had my curiosity but now you have my attention. ;)
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