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Guest twist_and_shout

I figured there wasn't nearly enough music related stuff on here, especially stuff that's interesting so I've decided to try this.

Everytime you post you should put a link to 3 songs you like and think other people should here as well.

I'm going to make the first 2 posts. The first one is completely dedicated to my favorite band Pink Floyd, while the second will be a mix, ok?

1.Pink Floyd- Let There Be More Light (Live from a French television show) - This is an awesome video because it's right around the time David Gilmour took over Syd Barrett's role on guitar and lead vocals. He still looks a bit uncomfortable filling the role and doesn't really sounds like David Gilmour's guitar playing, but it's awesome anyways. Originally from the alum A Saucer Full Of Secrets.


2. Astronime Domine (Live 1968)- The audio is a little out of sync but this was just too interesting a video to pass on. This was a Syd Barrett song but after his departure into madness David Gilmour took over the lead vocals for all of Syd's songs. You may notice the man singing lead is Roger Waters, who also looks quite angry during the performance. It may have something to do with the interview at the beginning where he leads Roger to believe that their records aren't selling too well in the country they're playing, and also asks them if they're mainstream, which probably made him uncomfortable. The video skips a bit during the interlude but it's a classic video in my opinion. Orginally from the album Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.

3. Echoes (Live from Pompeii)- From the live documentary dvd Pink Floyd- Live At Pompeii. This is probably the biggest turning point for Pink Floyd when it came to songwriting. Roger Waters lyrics finally came to the interesting stories and sink into you mind, while this has to be the bands most melodic song to date when they played Pompeii.

I would highly recommend anyone who likes Pink Floyd and hasn't seen this to go out and get the dvd or at least look up more videos from it on youtube. The solo during the live version is a lot more interesting too, although the recording is great too. If you want to get the studio version, look for their album Meddle.


I'm gonna be less detailed in my next post because I'm a busy boy!

Enjoy! :D

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Guest twist_and_shout

1.George Harrison with Eric Clapton- Bangladesh- The former Beatle and best friend Eric Clapton join forces at the 1971 New York City concert for Bangladesh. It's a very touching tribute to those that died. I would also recommend you check out other songs from this concert with Harrison and Clapton also performing George Harrison's Beatles' classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Wah-Wah".

2. John Lennon- Instant Karma- Since I already posted one or my 2 favorite Beatles solo songs, I felt obliged to post John Lennon's inspirational piece of music titled "Instant Karma". It's really neat to see John Lennon with such short hair, and it also happens to be my favorite solo Lennon song.


3. Jimi Hendrix- Hey Joe (live 1967)- This performance of Hey Joe at the Monterey Pop Festival is one of the greatest musical performances ever, period! 1967 was Hendrix at the top of his game, and he seems to be pretty "there" if you know what I mean ;) . This video features Jimi doing his signature teeth picking on the Hey Joe solo. I'm sure that with enough practice it would be easy for a lot of people to do, but you'd probably ***** up your teeth before you ever managed to get it half as good as Hendrix managed to.


As a bonus I'm also putting in Hendrix burning and smashing a guitar he borrowed for the show from Who guitarist Pete Townshend, also from the legendary Monterey Pop Festival performance.


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Guest Steel Yourselves


This is the Finnish band Turisas preforming a cover of Boney M-Rasputin

This is a fan made video using Lord of the Rings footage for a song called Into the Battle, by another finnish band called Ensiferum. There is a live version of this available on youtube, but the sound is wonky and it has the new singer/guitarist, so this version of the song is much better.


Another song by Ensiferum, this is one from the live preformance I said earlier, the qualidy of this one isn't bad and the song is excellent.

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Guest Battery

Great concert....There was close to 1 million people there and unfortunately 11 people were killed and around 200 were injured.

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Guest habsfan#08

This is the only link I could find without the crowd singing with him.

This song is amazing, if you've ever lost someone close to you this song is perfect to listen to.

Alterbridge, In Loving memory.

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Guest twist_and_shout

The Sweet- Ballroom Blitz


Wesley Willis-Cut The Mullet (Live!!!)

R.I.P Wesley Willis

Roger Waters- In The Flesh & Money (Live Earth performance=condensed versions...music legends shouldn't have set time limits! They should have just cancelled the Fall Out Boy Set....but then they would have been lacking pre-teen emo girls in the audience as well as men in clothes that it would be a long shot to call metrosexual...)


Anyways, I hope you enjoy these videos. It's still too bad that Roger didn't have time to sing the vocals on In The Flesh, mostly because with exception to Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2, which he sang jointly with Gilmour, all of the songs he sang at Live Earth were songs Gilmour sang, which caused them to sound odd. Still, it's a very interesting thing to see him perform, although since it was Live Earth and protesting human laziness and thoughtlessness, it would have been more fitting to play Pigs followed by Sheep. Although those 2 songs would have doubled the time he was given for his set.

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Guest HabSuperStar

Great concert....There was close to 1 million people there and unfortunately 11 people were killed and around 200 were injured.

Metallica ROCKS


Leave out all the rest-Linkin Park

What ive done-Linkin Park

There are a couple more songs i like from LP's new album but they have swearing in it

the new linkin park album is pretty good :) i heard that Bleed it out would be the next single ;) hope so, it's the best song from this album IMO


saliva-ladies and gentlemen

Saliva = good stuff

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Guest HabSuperStar


Slipknot - Vermillion pt.1

beautiful song, and incredible videoclip... stop motion!

The White Stripes - Hardest Button to Button

once again an incredible clip by jack and meg White


Sum 41 - Hell song

haha great Clip!!!

Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nail cover)

Trent Reznor, NIN singer, gave is song to johnny cash after he died... beautiful

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